How to choose the right CDPAP program

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How to choose the right CDPAP program

When it comes to infusing empathy into policy, there is a Medicaid program called CDPAP, abbreviated as Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This Medicaid program is offered in New York and it is built with the perspective to lend out a financial helping hand to anyone who is in need of home care services.

Under this program, the participants are given the choice to hire their caregiver and these caregivers are compensated by the program. The hired caregiver can also be friends or family members.

CDPAP program usually sees patients opting for their family members or friends as their caregivers because of the shared trust and comfort between them. Such a program creates an ideal situation for such a scenario -the patient’s care is being provided by someone whom they are comfortable with, and the caregivers get financial support for their time.

The responsibility of paying the hired caregivers is of a ‘fiscal intermediary’. This is an entity that ensures that the services provided and the compensations given for the services are adhering to the latest county guidelines under the program.

But before you even think of hiring an agency, do some research on how to find the right program for yourself. In this article, we have mentioned a few reasons that may help you choose the right CDPAP program.

 right CDPAP program

1. Do a background check on the agency

As everyone knows, government policies and programs can be great but they come in bureaucratic packages that are stringent with paperwork. CDPAP is no exception. Accessing CDPAP by following all the requirements and filling and submitting all the documents needed can be a real head-scratcher.

Here lies the expertise and value of the agency to you. Agencies are constantly updating themselves with the processing of the program and they can ensure all paperwork is foolproof. This is especially important since improper paperwork can lead to disqualification as a candidate. So make sure you choose a reputed and trustworthy agency like FreedomCare. It is one such agency that provides an excellent CDPAP program. Such an agency also makes sure that the caregiver is putting in proper time and efforts, and doing the work they are being paid for.

2. How well are they staffed?

In situations where you may not have a caregiver by your side, you need a backup person as a substitute. If your usual caretaker pulls out for any reason, you will be left stranded in a difficult situation. An agency has got you covered in such a situation.
An agency can allow you to switch from CDPAP to Home Health Aide services by providing a substitute caretaker temporarily. Therefore, while searching for an agency their workforce count is a vital factor.

3. How effective is the agency’s communication relay?

Agencies are a repository of experience. But even though they may be around for a lot of time, you need to see first hand how your experience with them has been before onboarding them.

Make sure to check if your agency can connect you “the consumer” with their offices promptly. They must be available at your service 24/7.

4. It doesn’t have to be a “BIG” corporation

An agency does not necessarily have to be a ‘big’ corporation. The perfect agency would be the one that is big enough to provide training and education to the caregivers while not so big that the quality of the services gets compromised.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, you can’t compromise. CDPAP is an effective way to get the care that your loved one deserves. While it may not be the most thorough and high-class care that money can buy, it serves its purpose and lends out a hand to the community that desperately requires it.

When you are browsing CDPAP programs and you want to find a perfect service for yourself or someone you know, make sure to evaluate each point listed above.