How To Choose The Right Bra


How To Choose The Right Bra

Here’s all you need to know about how to find the perfect bra for you and how to avoid buying a bad one. It is so easy to buy the wrong bra and many women go through years with the wrong bra for them. Here is some advice and tips to help you find a comfortable, well fitted bra. 

Selecting the right size

To find what size you are you need to take accurate measurements. Many women continue with the wrong size because they choose what they think they or what they would like to be as opposed to their correct size. Also different manufacturers size things slightly differently so this can also make your size appear wrong. 

Band circumference

First you need to measure your band circumference. This will be more accurate if you can get a friend to help measure you. You need to lower your arms and wrap a measuring tape horizontally around the body holding it firmly against yourself. This is your band measurement

Measuring the chest circumference

First put on your most comfortable bra. This should be the plainest, most ordinary bra you have. Ie not a minimizer or a push up bra, just a standard plain bra. Take a measuring tape and wrap it horizontally around your chest and place the end on the most protruding point of your chest without pushing down. This will be your chest circumference. 

Measuring the chest circumference

Get your cup size

To work out your cup size deduct the band circumference from your chest circumference. Less than 1 inch is AA. 1 inch is A, 2 is B, 3 is C and so on. 

Taking the time to choose the right bra is essential

You now have an idea of your size but this isn’t set in stone as many manufacturers differ slightly. When trying on bras you may need to try on as many as ten before you find one that fits everywhere.

Use your measurements to try on a variety of band and cup sizes around your measurements. Take notice of how all the bras feel that you try on. From the shoulder straps, the cups and the bad support, check the bra for side spillage and if the sides ride up.

The base band should provide the support

The band should be horizontal and not ride up. You should be able to put two fingers and no more under the clasp otherwise it is in danger of riding up. When you look in the mirror, raise both arms above your head. How does the bra look? The band should stay horizontal and not move up. Bands provide up to 90% of the support in a bra and a thicker band will give more. Make sure it doesn’t lift at the sides or anywhere else and this should be good. 

Underwire positioning

If the bra is the correct size and style then the underwires should fully enclose the breast and not dig into the sides or sit on top of the tissue. If they do then they are the wrong size.

Also in wired bras watch out for the piece of material between the two cups. This should sit flat on the sternum. If it is loose or away from the body then the size is wrong and there will be a lot of movement within the cups. This only matters for underwired bras not wirefree ones. 

Get the right support you need

Cut and sewn bras or seamed bras are the most supportive you can get but many people go for t-shirt bras or contoured ones because they are very much in fashion. These types of bras are not suitable for all beast types though. Cut and sewn bras offer a ton of support.

Other bras

There are times when you want something else from your bra. If you are doing sports then use a proper sports bra that gives good support. What you are wearing will dictate what you need; a t-shirt or glamorous dress will need different types of bra. When you try it on, move around so you can see how it feels and if the support is ample enough.

When you want to put on a little more front you can use a push up bra with extra padding. Thinly padded bras are sometimes a better option especially if wearing a t-shirt. If you want comfort with less support then triangle bras are a good way to achieve this. They let the shape sit naturally instead of any pushing up or shaping but they are comfortable. 


Although you can experiment and try on as many bras as you like if you are finding it really difficult to get the right fit then consider a professional bra fitting. You can make these in lingerie shops and linger departments in bigger stores.

Last modified: December 20, 2020