Choosing the right bike for you is one of the most important things that a rider can do! If you get the wrong bike for your needs, you can end up with a less than pleasant experience when riding. You can even be put off entirely! Likewise, getting the right bike can make riding so much more fun than you ever imagined, just because you’ve got a tool that’s been chosen to meet your needs and requirements.

Well, if you’re looking for information about which bike you should choose, and what you should know before you make your choice, then this article will be perfect for you! You’ll also find more fantastic advice like this from Bike Smarts!

Whatever your needs are, it’s possible to find the right bike for you – so don’t rush into a purchase, but take your time and make sure that whatever you’re buying is going to suit you in the long run.

What’s Your Budget?

Budget is of course the first thing that should be thought about when it comes to making any purchase. There’s no point in spending more than you can afford – and likewise, no point even looking at bikes that are out of your price range. Truthfully, it’s possible to get a bike that suits you on practically any budget – even if it means putting some more work and patience in and buying a used bike.

There’s no need to torture yourself by looking at bikes that are out of your price range – and you should already know that a more expensive bike isn’t going to make you a better or faster rider.

However, there’s definitely something to be said for not going too cheap, either. For a start, you’ll often be able to find superior bikes on the used market for lower prices than a lower quality new bike. You may have to perform a bit of maintenance on the bike after buying it – but you’ll need to learn how to do that with a new bike too!

Second of all, if you have specific needs or desires that can only be met on bikes above a certain price range, then there’s probably no choice – you’ll either have to spend the money or live without.

Set yourself a reasonable budget, and buy a bike that fits your needs as well as you can find, and as best you can afford. Buy something with the intent that you’ll be living with it for a long time – which means being patient, and making absolutely sure that you’ve found the right one before you open your wallet or purse.

Where WIll You Be Riding?

If you’re going to be riding exclusively on city streets, then there’s probably very little point in you buying a mountain bike! As cool as they are, you’ll get a better riding experience (and probably a fair bit more speed too!) getting a bike made for city riding, rather than one made to handle dirt tracks.

Likewise, if you’re all about getting muddy, then a racing bike is going to be an absolutely terrible choice for you. It obviously won’t last a minute out there!

If you’re a commuter, you might well find that a folding bike is a great choice for you – they don’t take up much space, they’re lightweight, and for small rides to and from work they might be absolutely perfect for you. If you want a bike to do some shopping on, then maybe you’ll want a rack or a basket.

The choice of bike you’ll make is dependent on the type of riding you’ll be doing so much. So don’t worry at all about what might be a cooler type of bike – think about the type of riding you do, or you’d like to do, and base your purchase around that. After all, you don’t want to end up with a bike that doesn’t suit the type of riding you want to do – it’ll just hold you back.

Upright Or Recumbent?

Recumbent bikes have become quite popular, and they’re a serious choice for many riders now. They offer better support and stability than upright bikes do, as well as a more comfortable riding position.

They can be better for people with back pain than upright backs, meaning that they can still go out on rides and get exercise, but without having to strain their back muscles as much as with an upright bike. However, they’re more expensive than upright bikes, take up more space, and aren’t as versatile to ride – you’ll struggle on dirt, and you can probably forget jumps entirely!


You’ve gotta get the size of your bike right! If your bike is the wrong size, you’re going to have a much less pleasant riding experience! If the bike you want isn’t in stock in your size, you’re better off waiting, or choosing another bike that fits you. Buying a bike that’s too big or small is going to do you no good in the long run!


Whichever bike you choose, taking your time and doing a lot of research is key. Know your needs, and what you’ll expect out of your bike, and set a realistic budget and stick to it. Get the right bike, and you’ll have chosen a tool that could last you for many years!


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