The main rule when buying eyeglasses is to remember that this is not only a fashion accessory, but also the necessary eye protection from ultraviolet radiation. I will tell you what to consider when choosing to combine beauty and benefits in one accessory.

Cosmetologists recommend wearing sunglasses because they reduce the risk of sunburn and expression lines around the eyes. I will explain what to look for when choosing.

Match glasses to your face shape

People with an oval face suit any, even the most unusual models of glasses. A round face can be visually extended using frames such as “cat’s eye” or “butterflies” – slightly extended upwards.

The shape of a square face is smoothed out by teardrop, oval and large rounded frames. A triangular and heart-shaped face is balanced by round glasses and rimless models.

There are universal forms of frames that suit almost everyone, provided the correct size is chosen – the famous “aviators” and “wayfarers”, which were developed for the Ray-Ban brand. Aviators really created for pilots, and the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn introduced wayfarers into fashion. These classic models have not lost their relevance for many years, they can have unusual decor. For example, smoky aviators

In addition to the shape, I advise you to take into account the color and texture of the frame: it should match the color of the eyes, hair and skin. The same model of glasses with different shades of lenses can look completely different on the face.
Choose only comfortable frames

Choose only comfortable frames

The material, color and finish of the frame is a matter of taste and financial possibilities, but its weight and convenience affect comfort and well-being. The frame should not squeeze the skull, otherwise headaches and discomfort when wearing may occur. If there are red marks on the temples from the temples, you should choose a wider frame.

Doctors recommend choosing light frames that should sit tight at the same time and not fall off when tilting and turning the head. You can even run and swim in the right goggles: they will not fly off.

Once upon a time, plastic frames were considered fragile and unreliable, but modern products made of innovative plastic are as strong and practical as metal. Moreover, they are light, do not heat up and sit well.

Find UVA & UVB Lenses

The degree of lens shading depends on where you need the glasses: at sea, in the mountains or in the city. The darker the lenses, the more reliably they protect the eyes. Gradient lenses are a versatile option for the city, but they are useless in the south.

Dark lenses are not always a guarantee of eye safety. For protection, you require flamingo sunglasses with special markings or UVA or UVB certification. They show the degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation, which ideally should be at least 400 nm: such lenses provide 100% protection.

Lenses can be made of glass or plastic and modern polycarbonate products often outperform glass in many ways: in particular, they will not break or scratch.

Try on polarized models

Since the 90s, so-called polarized lenses have become popular, which were developed by Polaroid. Their main task is to prevent light reflections from water, ice, snow and asphalt, to reduce eye strain. It is very comfortable with them in sunny weather.

Polarized lenses are useful for drivers and everyone who travels to the mountains or the sea. Doctors also recommend them to people who have recently undergone retinal surgery and the elderly to protect their eyes from strain.

Finding out whether glasses really have a polarizing coating is simple: just look at the shiny surface in them – the glare should be greatly reduced.

Buy two pairs of glasses – for image and relaxation

Eyeglasses are an independent wardrobe item that can become a bright detail, emphasize individuality or complete an image. Many stylists say that there are never enough good sunglasses, but not everyone can afford to buy an accessory in a new design every season.

I recommend getting a useful minimum of two pairs. Classic and high quality will suit all occasions, will last a long time and will not go out of fashion. The second pair can be trendy and inexpensive, such as SmartBuy Collection glasses.

These glasses can be combined with different looks and always look relevant. There is only one condition: you should not wear glasses on your head, because this is considered bad form.

Don’t buy too cheap glasses

It is believed that the minimum cost of models that really protect the eyes from radiation starts from $100. The models are cheaper – just accessories that do not provide much benefit because the lenses are not protected by a special coating.

The price of eyeglasses includes the quality of lenses, prescription, frame material and accessories. Too cheap glasses can distort vision, quickly lose their appearance and will not fit well. This is important to consider when fitting.


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