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How to choose prescription swim goggles for the perfect fit

To really be at ease when underwater, you need to be able to see – and see clearly. Those who usually wear glasses in regular life choose the right type of eyewear to use when in the deep end of the pool is the difference between being comfortable and being scared. Let’s see how you can decide on the best product for your vision, comfort, and level of underwater experience.

How to choose prescription swim goggles

If you require special lenses to see clearly when swimming underwater, buying prescription swim goggles could be the solution for you. Luckily, numerous companies provide swim goggles for those who need corrective lenses or a little extra help when seeing underwater.

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The lens

One of the most important parts when buying prescription swim goggles is the lens. Prescription goggles use spherical lenses that are similar to that of reading glasses. Although the prescription may be close to the ones you wear while not in the water, they might not be as crystal-clear as those you use when reading, driving, or doing everyday tasks.

Since seeing underwater is already a difficult feat, and will be blurry even for people with perfect vision, your prescription swim goggles will increase your vision, but won’t make it absolutely perfect. When looking online or in-person for the perfect prescription, search for ones that are step diopters.

Step diopter prescription swim goggles are widely available and affordable to people with varying levels of nearsightedness or farsightedness.

prescription swim goggles for the perfect fit

Finding the right diopter strength for your eyes

Now that you know what type of prescription swim goggles to purchase, you need to know the diopter level that will enhance your vision. Use this equation to find the right prescription:

  • Find your current prescription numbers for everyday glasses
  • Calculate the strength of the diopter by using: ½ of the cylinder + sphere = diopter
  • To choose the right diopter lens, choose the one with the closest prescription to your current glasses – make sure to round down instead of rounding up to get the closest match

Choose the right goggle

The next step in choosing prescription swim goggles is to select the right goggle after knowing your lens diopter level.

  • There are recreational and riding prescription swim goggles for serious swimmers or recreational pool-goers
  • A swimmer who just wants to see clearly in the water without having any performance needs should shop for recreational models since they are more comfortable for long term use
  • Some brands offer separate prescription lenses that are compatible with other goggle models, making it easy for swimmers with one far-sighted and one near-sighted eye to see
  • In addition, some brands design prescription swim goggles that are bifocals, with just the lower half of the lens set to the prescription level


Finding the right prescription swim goggles seems confusing and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be. Once you decide on the lens you need, the diopter strength, your current prescription, and your goggle style, you are good to go!

Last modified: May 13, 2021