Where a dirt bike lifestyle flows through the blood and soil of your land. It’s never too early to provide your kids with motorbikes. The trick is to keep everything age-appropriate for them. There are a lot of questions that come into the mind while purchasing your kid’s first motorbike. We have an answer for almost each of them.

Do you like large or small tires?

For adult riders, the larger the size of the tires, the greater is the impact. With larger tires, every barrier can appear smaller to them. Whereas, a kid’s dirt bike should have smaller tires. Your young rider will have more control with smaller tires.


Smaller tires allow kids to keep balance while learning. With smaller tires, the motorbike becomes lighter and closer to the ground. Kids can keep their feet on the ground to stop the motorbike whenever they want.

Is it better to have a high-speed motorbike with full power or a lower-speed motorbike with less power?

On a motorbike cubic centimeters, abbreviated as CCs. is the measure of engine displacement.  The greater is CC, the more power the motor produces and the higher is the speed (measured in RPM) it can achieve. The trainer should be able to control both the speed and the throttle of the kid’s motorbike.

For your kid’s motorbike, choose an engine with low CCs. Another safety feature of low-power motorbikes is that these bikes include throttle control. The throttle control screw can limit the motorbike’s top speed.


Tightening the throttle limiter screw can limit the amount of power their child can grip by. This function is on the handlebars for convenient access.  Hand over control of the motorbike to your kid once he has mastered the art of riding. That is until they grow out of it!

Two-stroke or four-stroke engine

Two-stroke or four-stroke engine?

A two-stroke bike will have a powerband that pushes and fast the engine of a motorbike. As the RPMs rise, whereas a four-stroke dirt bike produces more constant power. The four-stroke motorbike is usually the best option if you want an easy-to-control and efficient dirt bike for your child.

Branded motorbike or non-branded?

When purchasing motorbikes, always consider the brands. Choosing one reliable brand and staying with it allows your youngster to get familiar with the bikes in that lineup. It also makes your buying decision easier for next time. Because if you rode every bike, you’d notice that some handling qualities are unique to Hondas, others to Yamahas, still others to KTMs, and so on.


 You can buy the next motorbike in line with a higher cc of the same brand. Also, the young rider can get used to the spare parts, gears, and accessories suitable for his loyal brand. 

Old or new motorbike?

It is not advisable to go to a motorbike showroom and buy a brand new model for your naive rider. A bike that is new to you is as enjoyable as a new one.  Rebuilding and maintenance is also not a big thing to do. You should also take into account the resale value of the bike. Because sooner or later he will need a new bike with higher cc. Investing in a solid brand is crucial to recouping your investment.


You can look for used items on Craigslist in your area.

Make dirt biking fun for your young rider. They deserve the safest power and stability in their motorbike. Keep them passionate and choose wisely. Moreover, don’t overlook the importance of kid’s motorbike gear as it plays a critical role in ensuring a safe riding experience for your child.


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