Changing your Netflix region isn’t a big issue. And this is regardless of the device you’re using. See, Netflix always has contracts and agreements with various movie and television studios. These contracts limit the scope to which they can broadcast their content. And that’s why as a user, you need to change Netflix region from time to time.

Having to miss out on anticipated shows and movies just because you’re not in the ‘right region’ is anything but normal. This frustration is what drives many to find ways to change Netflix region. The good news is that we have every detail you need to do this on any device. Here’s how to change Netflix region:

Set Up a Netflix Account or Login to Yours

In case you’re new to Netflix, you might want first to create an account before you begin the process of changing the regions. But ignore this and log in to your account if you already have one in existence.

Choose the Right VPN to Change Netflix Region

Now comes the difficult part of the entire process. When you want to change Netflix region successfully, you’ll need to get the right VPN. Avoid the free ones, as they mostly will fail to deliver the way they’re supposed to. And here’s why we say so:

Why You Shouldn’t Pick a Free VPN to Change Netflix Region

A free VPN is only good because it’s free. Otherwise, you’ll have to bear the following issues:

  • Netflix has advanced technologies – the kind of technology that Netflix is using is so strong that even some of the paid VPNs have given up on providing their service. And this leaves us wondering if the free VPNs even can bypass Netflix’s technology. Your guess is as good as ours.
  • Excess advertisements – One way that free VPNs use to recoup their money is by allowing adverts on their platforms. But this can be so inconvenient and annoying, immensely when you’re enjoying your shows in peace and with joy. Sometimes the adverts are so many that they even block your viewership of the content thoroughly. Come on, and you deserve better.
  • Privacy issues – another way free VPN services uses to earn back money is by selling some of your information. And this can seriously intrude on your privacy as an online user.
  • Limited bandwidth – you do know, or in case you don’t know, we will tell you that you need sufficient bandwidth to watch online videos. The good thing about the free VPNs is that they’re free. And this means that you’ll watch shows and movies in any location without paying to change Netflix region. But the downside is in the bandwidth. While they give it to you for free, you can only watch for so long. They have limited bandwidths, which won’t allow you to finish that gripping movie or series. Within no time, you’ll receive an alert about the end of your daily or monthly bandwidth. But on the other side, paid VPNs mostly have unlimited bandwidths. This means that you can watch for as long as you wish.

Why It’s Important to Choose a Top-Rated VPN to Change Netflix Region

Choosing a top-rated VPN provider should be your number one goal if you want to successfully change Netflix region. For the reasons that we’ve already mentioned above, going for a free option would only make you even more frustrated.

A top-rated VPN will deliver server coverage in all of the Netflix regions, super-fast speeds, impressive unblocking capabilities, and other unique features. The best VPN also has a money-back guarantee in case of any problems that arise when you’re using it. Here’s what you need to look for in a VPN that will change Netflix region successfully:

  • Servers in several countries enable you to change Netflix region to any location of your choice. Netflix is present in numerous places all over the world.
  • The ability to go over Netflix blocks – Netflix uses geo-blocking to limit the number of people who can access their content in some areas of the world. But a VPN can easily bypass these blocks to enable you to watch such content.
  • High speeds – a slow VPN will make binge-watching very dull. You need to get one with lightning speeds to don’t sit back waiting for the stream to buffer. This delivers a smooth streaming experience like no other.
  • No ads – advertisements are so annoying. And if there’s one thing that puts users off, then it’s that. But you have to live with them if you’re using a free VPN. And some of the paid ones also have a bit of ad. Just get one without any ads at all.
  • Regularly updated IP addresses – a top VPN will always update their IP addresses regularly so that Netflix can’t detect them using anti-VPN measures.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s how to change Netflix region from any device you’re using. Don’t let geo-blocks ruin your viewing experience any further. Make the change today with a top-tier VPN service.


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