Attract Customers To Your Retail Store

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How To Attract Customers To Your Retail Store

As online shopping expands and occupies more of the retail marketplace, it’s more important than ever to increase retail foot traffic for your store. You may be wondering how to attract customers and ways you can make your store stand out among the competition.

Remember that customers enjoy shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores. They’re able to see the product they’re purchasing in person instead of relying on online reviews. If shopping for clothes, customers can try on these garments instead of buying from online stores and having to deal with pesky returns.

There are countless benefits to shopping in a traditional retail store, along with ways to attract walk-in customers. To learn the best ways to attract shoppers to your store and improve retail sales, then keep reading.

How To Attract Customers

When customers first enter your store, they notice the layout. Make sure the area your retail customers encounter first is bright and colorful with plenty of lighting.

While your entryway is an essential part of your layout, be sure you have a clear path for customers to navigate around your store. Too many tightly packed racks will make it difficult for people to get from one place to another. Limit the number of counters you use, as they take up space and make sales employees feel unapproachable.


Exterior Facelift

Curb appeal and your business exterior is an excellent tool when attracting customers. Use your windows to display merchandise, have easy-to-read signs, and keep your exterior clean and neat.

Since part of business maintenance is keeping your exterior new looking, it can help to hire an industrial painting service to freshen up the exterior of your business.

Create a Website

If you don’t already have one, be sure to create a website. This allows you to reach prospective customers when they search for your retail store on the internet. It’s important to have blog entries for customers to read and to help them find you in an internet search.

Exceptional Employees

Your employees are the ones interacting with customers and in many ways, the face of your business. It’s important to have employees that demonstrate exceptional customer service and put the needs of customers first. Additionally, happy employees are more inclined to do an exceptional job, so be sure to provide a positive work environment.


When in doubt, have sales. This can be for holidays or special events. In addition to display windows, be sure to notify customers of any upcoming sales with advertisements on your website and in your store window.

It’s important to remind customers that sales are time-sensitive and that they need to “act fast” to benefit from such fantastic promotions.

Get Ready To Increase Sales

Now that you know how to attract customers, it’s time to get your business plan into place. While e-commerce does play a large role in where consumers shop, plenty of people still prefer the convenience and strapping on a pair of walking shoes and shopping in a physical store. Make your business exterior as attractive as possible and you’ll soon draw the attention of new shoppers.

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