Gaming is the best pastime activity we all enjoy. Of course, it is the best way to destress ourselves and make us indulge in some playful mode. When it comes to games, then we are not referring to just outdoor games alone. Online games have also gained much popularity. If you are fond of online games, then you must be familiar with the skins. 

If not, then let us tell you that these come in graphical and audio forms that are purchased from the game’s store. They are mostly used for changing the appearance of video game characters. They have nothing to do with the performance of the character in a video game, except to beautify the look of it. It neither has any effect on game outcome, nor the increasing abilities of the character. They are purely cosmetic.


Want to win free skins for online games?

If you are a regular player of video games, willing to win free skins, then is the newly emerged online platform offering free skins for players in the U.S and worldwide. These are Fortnite skins offered by Fortgag video games that everyone enjoys playing. This online game has garnered a huge fan following. In this article, we will learn about the Fortgag’s skins that are famous today. 

Let us know about Fortgage

Fortgage came five years ago. Nowadays, it has gained much popularity among the top games. Many youngsters are getting addicted to it. This newly launched online gaming platform facilitates its users with more than one Fortnite skin, especially for online gamers. But there is a rule in exchange for getting Fortnite skins. Users must become part of surveys. Some of the top examples of skins offered by Fortgage include the aquatic trident holder superhero Aquaman, and another is of Deadpool. They have been included with its update of Fortnite’s 3rd season. 

There has been constant up-gradation to bring forth the Fortnight skins as well as free cosmetics. You can buy them within the virtual world. To know more, you are most welcome to visit 

Which are the newly launched Fortnite skins?

Online game players are now offered multiple Fortnite skins. Find out the newly introduced skins by the developers below:

  • Deadpool Fortnite skin
  • Fortnite She-Hulk design
  • Kratos Fortnite design
  • Fortnite dragon skin
  • Fortnite poison skin
  • Iron Man from Fortnite design
  • Fortnite storm skin
  • Fortnite Lynx design
  • Fortnite Calamity Skin
  • Fortnite fish skin
  • Thor design from Fortnite
  • Fortnite drift skin
  • Fortnite cat skin
  • Fortnite Omega Skin
  • Fortnite Doctor Doom design
  • Fortnite clutch design
  • Fortnite bunny design
  • Fortnite Mystique design

The given list of Fortnite skins is not the only one, find out more on 

Fortgag: safe or not

Fortgag is the newly launched platform (online) that aims to facilitate its users with Fortnite skins. But now the question arises whether this online gaming skin platform is safer to use or not? Well, this question is genuinely to be asked since there is the absence of ample information that could justify its integrity in being the safe platform for getting free skins. 

Now this, of course, will raise eyebrows, as giving details of your data that too in terms of finances during a survey is an indicator of risking your money or say falling prey to hacking, and other unlawful activities. Hence, you need to be extra careful and go through all the information on the website, before holding free skins of Fortnite for online gaming. 

Survey: A new strategy by Fartgag to acquire skins

Currently, data miners have leaked two skins found in the revised file for v13.oo. With the help of Fortnite skins, it would become easy for you to strike in a gaming challenge. This would rather bring more excitement to the games. Well, it is not possible to get skins for the game so simply. 

To get them requires progression in the gaming battle. Or you can prefer the next option which is buying via in-game provision. You need to explore the in-game item store to discover the availability of skins. Well now, Fartgag has come up with a new strategy in getting skins, which is becoming part of a survey on the website. 

Does skins purchase affect the video games and minds of players?

Up to some extent, it has been noticed that skins that are offered by gaming sites today are badly affecting the video games and minds of the players. What can be the reason behind it? Most people are unaware of the fact that buying skins rather than earning them reflects the ignorance of players. For example, when a player comes across a skin it might seem badass for him but it would rather be better if he had earned it. 

In the olden games, the availability of skins was possible after the completion of specific tasks followed by reaching a particular level, etc. In that case when you saw anyone donned in the skin, then it is reasonable to say it as badass. Hence, in some cases, buying skins is not a cool idea, rather than to earn it via finishing the given tasks. People must not be encouraged wrongly in buying skins, and making them feel cool about it or pretending as if they are better at playing games. 

If you are still not convinced as to how skins purchase is a bad idea, then let us give you another valid reason. Whenever an online game encourages the idea of selling skins, then it is mainly to generate revenue. The trend has changed a lot from the olden time, when the player has to earn the skins, instead of purchasing them. But nowadays many video games are pushing in for offering and purchasing skins. 

This new strategy is making online games bring more hunger for money rather than having hunger in pleasing customers. This money-oriented approach of game developers is ruining video games in sidelining the genuine stuff because it makes them save money in not creating them. 


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