Phone validation allows you to check the validity of phone numbers. This happens by sending a voice message or an SMS, and to phone users, and then ask them to respond to the message. With this, the user must input the code into the application. If the user executes the instruction, it means that they are authentic phone users. More so, it’s an indication that they have access to the phone number they provided.

Phone validation is essential for businesses, especially those businesses that use phones as their primary mode of communication. Moreover, it helps in identifying the user. Phone validation is more reliable compared to email validation since businesses have a better chance of getting rid of fraudsters and spammers. Besides, phone validation helps businesses to save money.


The importance of phone validation to businesses

Recent statistics revealed that close to 90% of businesses incur heavy losses because of data error. Besides, 77% of these businesses believe that the cause of this problem in invalid contact information.

Phone validation helps businesses to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as wasted effort. Besides, it helps in saving time, as you can check the validity of phone numbers early in advance. This is the ideal time for businesses to check for invalid phone numbers in their database, instead of when they have already started the sales efforts, marketing or branding activities, or customer service.

Businesses should remove invalid phone numbers from their database as soon as they identify them.

How phone validation works

Phone validators do not only check the format of phone numbers, but they also do a live “ping” to the numbers to check whether they are live. Moreover, the live “ping” helps in checking whether the number can receive calls or text.

Essentially, businesses should worry about the owner of the mobile they are checking for its validity—the user will not be notified of the verification attempts.

With that said, let’s look at 5 ways in which phone validation will help your business in saving money.

It significantly reduces your messaging costs

As we highlighted earlier, phone validation will help your business in checking the validity of the phone number in your database. As a result, you will easily filter out all the invalid numbers before sending out messages. Thus, your business will not waste money sending messages to invalid numbers. Eventually, your business will get a major boost in its marketing ROI, since your marketing SMS will only reach the valid client base in your database, and you won’t waste money on invalid phone numbers.

Phone validation helps in preventing unforeseen business costs

For instance, when a parcel is delivered to a customer’s parcel machine, the customer will get SMS notification for the delivery. But, what happens in case the phone number provided is invalid? Here, you will have two problems as a business. First, the customer will think that their parcel hasn’t arrived, even though it’s the machine’s fault. The support team, however, can only solve this problem.

Secondly, if the package isn’t removed from the machine within the set time, the business has to return it to the warehouse. This, in turn, will make the business incur unwanted and extra costs. But, businesses can prevent these issues with phone validation.

Protecting your business from fraud

Not every phone contact you have in your database is from a good person. Some people will use burner phones like prepaid phone numbers or portable VoIP to make fraudulent orders. Fraudsters using such phone numbers can significantly cost your business a lot of money. However, with phone validation, it’s easy to avoid getting into trouble because of fraudsters.

Authenticating transactions

Phone validation can help your business to confirm transactions, and this significantly reduces the possibility of fraud or costly fraud resolutions. With phone validation, businesses can easily reduce suspicious or fraudulent activities or transactions, which can cost them a lot of money.

Bottom Line

Phone validation is an essential and valuable tool for businesses that rely on SMS to communicate with their clients. With phone validation, your business can avoid sending messages to invalid phone numbers, which can be very costly in the long term.

Therefore, if most of your customers are based in Europe or America, you must invest in phone validation tools such as Byteplant. While this might not seem so important to you, getting a phone validation tool can make a big impact on your business.


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