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How online shopping can help you save money

I guess more than ever, now is the time when we are indulging heavily on online shopping. From big-ticket items to tiny ones, you can literally find anything online and the best part? More often, at a comparatively lesser price than in stores.

One such similar retailer is JCPenney. Shop from JcPenney’s app or website and chances are you’d be adding more savings to your cart. With JCPenny coupons and deals you can save up to 60% off on all categories and another 40% on select categories!

Why Online Shopping Is a Great Way to Save Money-Tips and Tricks to Save During Online Purchases

Do not compromise with your choice when it comes to shopping. Shop online and save up big! If you don’t believe us, here are some online-exclusive tricks that you can employ to make sure you are bagging a little extra saving.

Online Purchases

Sign Up for Your Favourite Shopping Destinations:

These days, you can sign-up on most of the shopping websites. With this, it becomes easier to keep track of your purchases and also get news of the latest deals! Several sales take place all over the year. Signing up will remind you of them.

This will help you get your desired products at an optimum price. Often, there are also special sales for members. Include your birthday for special birthday deals too. There are also discounts for signing up as new customers! Sites like Macy’s, Overstock, Old Navy are great destinations.

  1. Look Out for Cashback: Cashback deals allow you to get back a percentage of what you have spent during your purchase. Always check for Cashback deals when shopping online. You can avail of them via coupons and codes too. For example, at Wayfair, you can get additional cashback with $25 off. There are also dedicated websites that help you earn cashback. Additionally, there are also bank-exclusive cashback offers. You can check in with your provider or choose the right one to get more savings.
  2. Stack Your Cart: Choose the things you want and leave them in your cart for a while. This method might test your patience but it is worth it. If left in your cart for long, often the shops themselves will provide you incentives like extra discounts so that you check out. These help you save up some extra bucks. Additionally, you can also come back and buy when the price is the lowest. Keep track of the daily discounts and rates and shop when the price is just right for you!
  3. Use Promotional Codes: Coupons and codes are a great way to save. Shops like Old Navy, JCPenny, and more have a large number of coupons and codes. You simply need to copy the code and paste it during checkout. These give you some great discounts. JCPenny coupons, Amazon coupons, and more are available. For example, with Macy’s coupon code, you can get a $20 discount sitewide! Different codes allow different discounts. Many online retailers also allow you to collect many different promo codes so that you can apply them together at the checkout, on the same purchase. Enter the codes one by one and check their applicability. However, not all retailers allow this so make sure to read up the terms and conditions.
  4. No Transportation Costs: Whenever we shop offline, there is some amount of transportation cost involved. Online shopping, however, can help you cut down on this cost. There is no extra transportation cost involved so you easily save up that amount by making your purchase online. Yes, there might be delivery fees involved but that is comparatively less than what you had to pay should you have gone to a store.
  5. Compare and Buy: When you purchase from a particular store, often you only see the prices at that store. Of course, you can visit different stores but it can soon get very tiring. However, with online shopping you can browse through various sites from the comfort of your home, any time you want. Check out the different prices and offers available and choose the one that suits your needs. For example, Old Navy is currently giving a discount of 60% on all categories. On the other hand, Overstock is giving 70% off at their Anniversary Sale.

Therefore, we see why online shopping is a great way to save money. With the current global pandemic, it is even more advisable to shop from your home. It is important to maintain social distancing for the health and safety of yourself as well as others. Regardless, as we have seen, there are some great ways to save on online purchases. Use the methods to the best of your advantage and purchase your desired products at the optimum prices!


Last modified: October 21, 2020