Hang Tags And Clothing Labels


How Important Are Hang Tags And Clothing Labels?

A clothing brand label is normally a small rectangular piece of cloth inside the garment with the company name embroidered on it plus the size of the item. Using a woven label has some advantages over a printed T-shirt label as they can be sewn directly on the item. 

What are hang tags?

Hang tags are different to clothing labels as these are different to sewn cloth labels that are usually inside the garment. Hang tags are often pinned or tied to a sales item and are used to convey much more information about the garment or item. They will also have company information and other important or interesting details. 

Hang tags for brand identity

Brand identity is used to create interesting labels that attract people towards the products. Hang tags can look great and give your clothes a certain style that customers will notice, but what is important is that they continue to tell the story of your brand.


More importantly, the tags on your clothing represent the lifestyle your customers are attracted to and continue this story for you as a brand! The tags are positioned to effectively help market the brand to potential customers. 

Using hang tags intelligently

One of the smartest ways to use hanging tags to your advantage is to put price and discount information on the tags. You can either add a price sticker or print it directly on the label, but be sure to understand the different types of labels when choosing. The cost of a hanging label depends on the total quantity you order and the design and material used.


Another good example of how to win your customers over to your brand is the use of sticker tags. With sticker tags, you can attract customers by letting them pull the stickers off and thus promote your brand, which they will do.


Clothing labels and hanging tags can work in conjunction with your brand idea and reinforce a strong and clear message. By adding an image to a hanging tag, you can give your customers a visual representation of what your product looks like when it is worn. Tags can be as detailed and creative as you like, make it easy to convey what makes a product range with the right brand image. 

Important information can be conveyed on a hang tag

Clothing labels can be used as a platform for your brand identity and contain technical information on the label, such as material and temperature for clothing. If you have difficulty showing everything you need on a label then a hang tag can be useful.

It can be a good idea to add a hang tag to your product to make sure that your customers get all the information they require easily. By using these to tag clothing and other products, you can display information about the product such as brand name, price, color, style and even the color of the fabric.

A well-designed, bespoke hang tag with a clear image on it can highlight, inform and attract buyers while speaking volumes about your brands. You don’t have to add any additional information, but customers appreciate knowing about how environmentally friendly your company or brand is and what your social responsibility is. 

How big are hang tags?

Hang tags would normally be bigger than standard clothing labels. They can have much more detailed information printed on them. They can be folded to provide a larger surface area for more information.

The bigger size of tags lets your brand stand out from the crowd and attract attention with an attractive logo or hang tag that is professionally designed and printed. Have your own logo printed on your tag to display handmade items and prices. Individual hanging tags add value to a clothing line by clearly identifying the brand of the product on display in a sophisticated and professional manner. 

Other practical uses of a hang tag

When you sell gym wear or outdoor clothing, hangers can tell your customers how useful your garments are in this regard. Tags are also what customers are looking for when buying your product, because they are located where the most important information is easily visible.

You can show any guarantees your product has on the tag along with website details and information about mailing lists to interact with your customers. These days social responsibility is important and people like to know that their money is going to an ethical company. A hang tag can show all of this easily.

Last modified: December 20, 2020