Are you worried that your new car will lose its shine and colour soon? You have reached the right place to find a solution.

Ceramic coatings will do the magic of keeping your car shimmery and clean for a longer time. All you may need is some dusting and minimum maintenance after the process.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a chemical applied as a protective layer on your car. It was launched in the car care market during the mid-2000s. The term refers to liquid chemical polymers widely used for car paint protection.

The coating is applied manually and forms a bond with the car’s factory paint. Used as a premium alternative to car wax or a paint sealant, it cannot be easily removed. The glass-like layer also has self-cleaning abilities.

How is Ceramic Coating Made?

It is a chemical that uses nanotechnology. Hence, it consists of tiny particles of silicon dioxide found in natural resources like quartz and sand. Some companies also use titanium dioxide molecules as an additional additive to make ceramic coatings.

Ways to Apply the Coating

A ceramic coating can be applied professionally or using a DIY home kit. Professional grade coatings should be applied under the supervision of an expert.

As sometimes doing it yourself, you might end up risking your car’s paint job and your health. It is better to read and follow the guidelines carefully or let the pros handle it.

How Do Ceramic Coatings Protect Your Car

Advantages of Applying a Ceramic Coat to Your Car

Apart from enhancing the overall look of your car, ceramic coatings have the following advantages.

Best Repellant of Dust and Water

The coatings are water and dust repellent to prevent mud and dust from sticking over the car’s body.

Water spots easily roll off the surface and do not form patches on the car. Hence, it reduces the effort of regularly cleaning your car in the rainy season.

Heat Resistant and UV Protection

Ceramic coatings protect your car from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. UV rays are harsh and cause the car’s paint to lose its shine and fade faster.

The ceramic coating adds an extra layer that blocks the UV rays from touching the paint surface. It is also heat-resistant and reduces oxidation of the car’s surface.

High on Thickness and Durability

As ceramic-based coatings contain silicon dioxide, it offers a thicker layer of protection when compared to traditional wax or other sealants. If applied properly, the layer gives the required protection for many years.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

You can easily clean spots and stains with a jet wash or a water spray gun on cars that undergo the treatment. It reduces the total cost and effort of maintaining the shine and glossy look of your vehicle.

Avoid Chemical Stains

Air pollution is a common problem if you live in a densely populated area. Your car will get chemical stains due to acidic reactions in the air.

A ceramic coating will help in easy cleaning and avoid permanent spots on the surface of your vehicle.

Best Brand Comes with Guarantee and Warranty

You can buy the best ceramic coat from a reputed brand in the market. They will offer a guarantee for a specific period.

Some brands also offer a money payback guarantee if your car is damaged sooner.

Final Note

You can choose an expert professional service to paint your car with a ceramic coating. These coats last longer and give the best shining effect on the vehicles.

Check and compare the costs and service charges offered by expert brands before you choose. You can select the best coat that suits your budget and requirement.


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