Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Animated series and movies are quite popular these days. Gone are the times when animated characters were just limited to kids shows. Today, we have sci-fi movies and adult shows being released as anime. Inspired from the Marvel comics, Guardians of the Galaxy was released on Disney XD. It premiered on September 26, 2015. The series featured Will Friedle, Trevor Devall, Vanessa Marshall, Kevin Michael Richardson and David Sobolov in prominent roles and was produced by Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Cort Lane, Eric Radomski, Stan Lee, Stephen Wacker and Marsha Griffin.

The series does resemble the film in some aspects like the characters involved in the story, but it does not have the same actors playing them, nor does it have any link of continuity between the series and the film. Also, it is different and unrelated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Show Details

TV Series: Guardians of the Galaxy
Genre: Action



Science fiction


Created by:  Marty Isenberg
Voices: Will Friedle

Trevor Devall

Vanessa Marshall

Kevin Michael Richardson

David Sobolov

Place Of Origin: United States
Composer: Michael Tavera
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 77

Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3 release date

More about the show

Guardians of the galaxy has been inspired from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s 

Guardians of the Galaxy. It belonged to the genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science fiction and Superhero drama. It was created by Marty Isenberg and had its background score given by Michael Tavera. Created originally in English language, the show has the United States as its place of origin. It has been produced by Marvel Animations production company and it has been distributed by Disney–ABC Domestic Television.

Another fact about Guardians of the Galaxy is that none of its actors except Seth Greene, featured in both, the series and the movie. Seth Greene played the character of Howard the duck.

Story and Plot

The Season 1 of the series starts by introducing Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, who are basically the “Guardians of our Galaxy”. They find something called “Spartaxian CryptoCube” that is associated with the Spartax race. It contains “The Cosmic Seed”, which is a very powerful seed and has the potential to give birth to an entirely new universe. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy fear that if somebody finds it, they could misuse it, so they intend to destroy it. The ones that intend to exploit it are Thanos, his minions Ronan the Accuser, Nebula, Korath the Pursuer, J’son and Yondu.

Before the Season 2 of the series released, there was a lot of buzz about the Guardians of the Galaxy joining hands with the Avengers team. After they defeat Thanos, they find another artifact at Thanos’ asteroid base. It is a sarcophagus that is extremely powerful. It is stolen by Yondu. The Guardians of the Galaxy have to fight against Mantis and the Universal Believers to get their hands on the Sarcophagus. After they find it, it hatches and takes the form of  Adam Warlock. They counsel him and ask him to let his destiny be accomplished and that he must always follow the right path.

J’son runs out of the prison and with the help of Sam Alexander and steals “Nova Centurion helmets”. The helmets can be used to control Warlock with it. He even converts Adam Warlock into “Magus” and gets into his crystal. J’son then goes on to attack all the planets that are linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Superheroes manage to get him out of the crystal and re-get Adam Warlock in his original form. Groot then cocoons him till the time, he is required.

Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3 Release Date

The season three of this series was a next level entertainment as it involved some more characters like Spider-Man, Max Modell, Venom, and Carnage. In this season, the Guardians of the Galaxy are accused by the collector and Howard the duck, for stealing a Kree item. This comes as the repercussion of them destroying items formerly, when they entered the special prison and bluffed the Kree Accuser Phyla-Vell.

Later, it is disclosed that Howard did all of this because he was being threatened by the collector, repeatedly and also that the Collector had transformed the black hole generator into a molecular compression engine. The Guardians of the Galaxy travel across the Black Vortex and find out that Darkhawks, the enemies of the Asgardians, have taken over the Galactic Council. The leader of the Darkhawks is Serpent, who is also the brother of Odin and wishes to take control of the Asgard.

The pieces of Dragonfang, a powerful sword, are used by the Darkhawks. They gather it’s pieces from several places including Hela’s domain of Niflheim. The Asguardians with the help of Thanos and Loki, manage to defeat the Darkhawks and Serpent and therefore save the universe. The season also gathered a lot of buzz, after Stan Lee became a part of it. However, just for a cameo, his presence got them a lot of potential success.

Cast and Voice overs

Will Friedle voiced the character of Peter Quill or Star-Lord. Trevor Devall lended his voice to Rocket Raccoon, Ranger Raccoon, Black Bolt, Grand Commissioner of Rigel, Fandral, Jarhead, and Milano Computer Voice.

Vanessa Marshall voiced the character of Gamora, Meredith Quill, Lab Chief X7, Lab Chief X8, Crystal and Forest Animals. Kevin Michael Richardson lent his voice to the character of Groot. David Sobolov lended his voice to the character of Drax the Destroyer.


The Guardians of the Galaxy premiered on August 1, 2015 and had 5 episodes. It’s first season had 26 episodes and released on September 5, 2015. It’s second season aired on March 11, 2017 and had 25 episodes. Its third season had 26 episodes and aired on March 18, 2018.

Is the series worth watching?

The Marvel series is known for its larger than life stories, superheroes with superpowers and a lot of action and entertainment. If you’re a science fiction fan and also like watching action movies, this one could be the perfect amalgamation for you.  It has all the characters of the Marvel series, from Groot to Spiderman, to provide you stories of a lifetime.

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