Did you watch Godless season one? Then you must be waiting for season two of Godless. Therefore, will Netflix renew the series for a second season? For more information about Godless season two, continue reading this article.

About Godless

Godless is an American western drama series created, written, and directed by Scott Frank. The Tv series premiered the first season, which has seven episodes. Furthermore, each episode has an average run time of forty-one to eighty minutes.

The first season was streaming on Netflix, and its release was on 22nd November 2017. Godless was produced in the United States of America by Casey Silver Productions and Extension 765 Flitcraft, Ltd.

This series has notable actors such as Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery, Scoot McNairy, Merrit Wever, and more. So, in this piece, you will learn more details about the show’s second season.

Godless Season 2 Renewal Status

Is there any new information about the renewal of Godless season two? Up to date, Netflix hasn’t given us any update on whether it will renew the Tv series. However, Scott Frank has other thoughts about the show. In an interview, the producer said that he is planning on a show’s sequel.

But he’s facing hindrance on how the plot will be. On the show’s renewal status, Netflix has not announced formally on season two. Therefore, we don’t expect its release any sooner. But when we get new details about the second season. We will inform you first.


The Plot

The series is based on two main characters, Roy Goode and Alice Fletcher. When you watch the show, you ask yourself what will happen between the two individuals. Also, in the show, Roy is after Frank Griffins. Frank is a gang leader who messed with Roy’s life.

The first episode starts with John Cook, a Marshall, discovering a train creede. On entering, he finds all the passengers dead. As per his instincts, John says that this is Frank’s work, a notorious gang leader.

This is after Roy Goode informs him about the act by Frank and his gang. Frank’s gang stole cash from those aboard the train during the incident. But Roy steals the money from them. John calls Bill a Sheriff who later arrests Roy.

What Happened in the Consequent Episodes of Godless Season One?

In the second episode, J.J. Valentine and Ed Logan of the quicksilver mining company head to La Belle to discuss the future of the mine. The two are thinking about how to revitalize the mine. However, Bill’s sister Mary Agnes McNue disagrees with the deal. Even though she has other ideas, the town accepts the agreement.

The show continues with Bill and Roy plotting on how to find Frank before he knows the exact location of Roy. Alice goes ahead to release Roy from custody. Additionally, she gives him food and shelter and teaches him to read. This is as Roy breaks her horses.

In the third episode, Roy stands down Frank’s gang while Bill meets a native American who checks his eyesight. The episode ends with Grigg publishing Frank’s story, which says that the gang plans to kill Roy and his allies.

Godless Season 2 Plot

The first season ends on a high note where Callie, Mary Agnes, and other women read Grigg’s paper. Additionally, Frank and his gang go to Blackdom. This is where he wants the residents to stay away from the issue. But a battle ensues, leading to the death of all of Blackdom.

However, we see that the gang and several La Belle residents are killed in another shootout. But Frank didn’t die in the shootout, but Roy looks for him and kills him after a fight. Therefore, in the second season, we expect to see what happened after the funeral of the dead.

Also, we expect to see the relationship between Roy and Alice. For sure, if there’s going to be a renewal for a second season, it will be epic. So, let’s continue waiting for season two.

Godless Season 2 Trailer Availability

Is there a trailer for Godless season two? Netflix hasn’t released a trailer for a second season. What we have is the trailer for season one. Kindly check the series on Netflix if you haven’t watched it.

Ratings and Awards

On IMDB, the show has a rating of 8.3 out of 10. Additionally, the series has an 83% critic rating for Rotten Tomatoes. Finally, Godless has a 75% rating on Metacritic after twenty-five reviews.

As for awards, the show has had several nominations in 2017 and 2018. However, it has won some nominations that include;

  • Outstanding original main title theme music
  • The outstanding supporting actor in a limited series or movie
  • Outstanding supporting actress in a limited series or movie

All these awards were during the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2018. Therefore, this is all we had about Godless season two renewal.


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