YouTube is one of the best places for marketers to grow their businesses with the help of video advertising, views, likes, etc. YouTube is captivating everyone globally. Besides, some people have become internet celebrities after their videos became famous and earned an abundance of money.

The success of your channel depends on the number of views and subscribers. Here we will learn the practices professionals use to get YouTube views. But before that, let’s glance at what constitutes a view.

A view is added to your account if a viewer watches a video for at least 30 seconds. If a viewer watches your video many times, each viewing will be counted as a new view. Also, views generated by YouTube videos shared on Facebook are calculated as a view. Furthermore, Youtube counts live views too.

Let’s delve into the points to gain views:

  • Unique content

The best way to be successful on YouTube is to create the best and most relevant content possible.

  • Create series rather than individual videos

YouTubers should organize their videos in series rather than individual videos so that the viewer can watch multiple related videos without lifting a finger.

  • Become familiar with YouTube SEO

Besides being a social platform, YouTube is also a search engine. YouTube suggests a general list of search queries repeatedly searched by YouTube users. When you understand the words you need to rank for, you should use them throughout your post. Include your main keywords in your video’s title, description, tags, and thumbnail. You need to determine and optimize your keywords.

  • Collaboration with other content creators

You and other content creators are contending for the same audience. This is one of the best ways for YouTube video advertising. Thereupon, you can form a harmonious relationship that benefits both of you.

  • Thumbnails can work wonders.

Thumbnails are the heroes and can appear on the suggested video section, organic results page, or social media. You should always use high-quality images with readable and attractive fonts.

Tips to increase Subscribers on your YouTube channel

The count of subscribers on your channel is the primary reason for the long-end success of your channel. How frequently you submit your video affects your subscriber count because the more you post, the more people will watch your videos. The practices that will help you gain more subscribers are as follows-

  1. Create inspiring and educational content

Produce exciting and educational information to make people view your videos. Here are some suggestions to improve your content:

Create your material with a distinct audience in mind and prepare your video screenplay in advance. Make a shorter video and divide it into multiple videos if you think there is too much in one video. Also, you can Include images to make your text more alluring. Furthermore, do not use someone else’s content; use only original stuff.

  1. Produce and post videos regularly.

The frequency of post-uploading is crucial in increasing subscribers for your channel. Consistently producing and posting videos helps to gain more followers. Social Media Examiner claims that youtube channels that broadcast more than one video in a week perform better.

  1. Engage your audience

It would help if you interacted with your viewers to satisfy them. The interaction increases the probability for someone to subscribe to your channel. You should thank the viewers for their time and encourage them to leave comments.


Consistent and relevant content is essential to grow your audience and earn more viewers and subscribers. You can make youtube your primary source of income. All you need is hard work and creativity. Always provide your viewers with quality content and optimize crucial sections.


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