Functional art serveware seeks to add some beauty to your kitchen essentials. It may be a perfect way to reduce clutter in your kitchen.

The California-style kitchen is big on such pieces. It emphasizes the use of eco-friendly materials and informality. Use these functional serveware collections to transform your kitchen experience. 

  • Decorate Your Countertops With Breakfast Trays

Consider using your breakfast trays to decorate your kitchen countertop. The trays help you keep everything in one place and add some character to your space. The trays can be styled to suit the vibe you want to give off. 

Place a clear vase with flowers on the tray for a soft and homey touch. If you are going for something more glamorous, consider decorating the tray with candle holders and other metallic pieces. 

A circle tray could add some softness to your countertop and other square surfaces. When used in the dining area, put pepper shakers, salt, candles, and other decorative items on the tray. Serving trays help you decorate and make the clean-up process easier. 

  • Use Resin Coasters

Using resin coasters to decorate your kitchen walls and other surfaces may be a good idea. These coasters protect delicate surfaces and look great on tablets and other surfaces. The material’s versatility makes it ideal for adding texture to different surfaces. 

If you are feeling particularly dramatic, consider using the coasters to add color to your kitchen floors. The size of your coasters depends on what else you have going. With plain walls, for example, large resin coasters would be great. If, however, you already have lots of décor pieces, go for smaller resin coasters. 

  • Wooden Serving Board for Your Bar Area

Consider using a wooden or bamboo tray to decorate your bar area. It can help organize your decanters, shot glasses, and other bar essentials. Adding flowers and other decorative pieces will help your serving board stand out. Breadboards could also serve the same purpose. 

Instead of locking your bar essentials away in a cabinet, display them to complement what you already have going on. A wood tray will also come in handy when you need to get your glassware, wine, or decanters from the bar area. 

  • Hang Your Cheeseboards 

Consider hanging cheeseboards on your walls. They can look like unique art pieces. Small cheese boards look great when placed between other pieces. However, a large cheese board will look perfect on its own.

Decorate your cheeseboards with resin if you want them to stand out. A cheese board serving tray adds color and texture to any part of your kitchen. If you want to keep it subtle, decorate the handle and not the rest of the board. Alternatively, you can make cute little patterns on your cheeseboard. 

When hosting, you don’t need to fill your cheeseboard with fancy types of cheese. Instead, you add colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, and olives. They will look great with your cheese. 

  • Dinner Trays for Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island doesn’t need to be boring. Consider adding dinner or outdoor trays to decorate it. All you need to do is find trays that match your style and personality. This is where your creativity comes out. Decorate the tray with items that add color, texture, and a bit of your personality. 

Consider spray painting your tray with metallic or bold colors that stand out. This is especially important if your kitchen island is white, gray, or other neutral colors. Try adding meaningful cutouts to your tray if you have a passion or hobby. 

If you are a traveler, cut out pages of different destinations and old passports. Attach them to your tray to add personal appeal. 

  • Use Large Bowls

Use Large Bowls

The primary purpose of bowls is to hold food or store food items in your kitchen or pantry. Bowls are affordable and easy to find online or in local markets. Bowl materials include plastic, steel, clay, and glass. If you plan on using them to decorate, you can always find a material that matches your style. 

Consider placing a large bowl on your kitchen cabinet, island, or shelf. Decorative bowls don’t have to be colorful or dramatic. A simple, clear bowl could be perfect as well. 

Fill it with dried berries, mini pinecones, or shells. If you prefer odd decor items, use vintage or antique items instead. Old commemorative coins, brass spoons, and textile brushes can be an exciting combination. If you prefer a more glamorous look, choose decorative balls or pebbles. 

Bowls are also ideal for adding some height to your displays. If you have low surfaces and your flower arrangements don’t stand out, consider using a bowl with a wide base to add some height. Large bowls can also be ideal for holding miscellaneous items in the kitchen. 

  • Dinner Plates

Did you know that you can decorate your kitchen with regular dinner plates? They are inexpensive and look great on your walls. You will find dinner plates at most stores. You shouldn’t have trouble finding options that match your style. 

Decorate with a variety of patterns and colors if you want to create an accent wall. They can introduce a splash of color to an otherwise boring kitchen. Simple patterns and neutral colors would be better if you need something more subtle. 

Use traditional metal plate hangers to keep the plates on your walls. Some options allow you to hang plates while hiding the metal hardware. The plates don’t need to be boring. You can use stickers, paint, or stencils to add text. Mix different shapes for extra drama. 


Your serveware does a lot of hard work but doesn’t get enough credit. Dinner trays, cheeseboards, plates, and bowls are more than just functional pieces. They can also be decorative.

Use them decoratively if you hope to give your kitchen the Californian appeal. They can look great on your walls, floor, kitchen island, or countertop. Consider your style and find creative ways to add beautiful designs into your kitchen without breaking the bank. 


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