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Five Trends That Are Transforming the Consulting Business in 2021

Although the world witnessed a major setback due to the pandemic, the management consultancy industry has been steadily growing, but not without changes. While management consulting continues to integrate automated processes, only qualified consultants can succeed within the industry.

The changing landscape, be it digital or the real world, is eminently revolving around technology and digitization. Suppose you have a degree in management consulting. In that case, you might want to stand out from the crowd of potential candidates with your best consulting cover letter.

The following top trends are crucial for management consultancy, especially if you are looking for opportunities to land more clients and move on to unprecedented growth. 

  • The Trend of Digitization Continues

The pandemic forced businesses from around the globe to digitize so that they could keep operating. That said, consultants can expect a continued trend of digitization in 2021 and beyond. While management consultancy has just begun its shift from dependency on human-generated research to the digitized process of research and analysis. 

The trend of digitization is more likely to affect the consultancy business, especially management consultancy, from an hour-based rate system into a system that incorporates a flat rate. 

  • Intensive Focus on Market

As the business of management consultancy tends to be growing in 2021, it also continues to separate into two basic markets: one market deals with the commoditized sector that is essentially low-cost. Whereas the other market division deals with the specialized consultancy sector of higher value. 

This kind of market division has put pressure on all consultancy sectors to devise strategies and methods that can effectively address and accommodate both market types. This shift in market focus will affect certain areas of the consultancy business model, such as the pricing and brand structure. 

  • Integration of Digital Strategies

Since all businesses are the victim of Digital Darwinism, management consultancy is no exception. Like other businesses, consultants have to develop coping issues to deal with and adapt to the fast-evolving digital and technology market. 

That said, another trend that consultants need to watch out for in 2021 is the development and integration of comprehensive digital marketing strategies to improve their contemporary business model and operational functions in a way that enables them to connect with their valuable clients. 

  • Changes in Laws & Regulations

The ongoing changes in laws and regulations will affect how management consultancies conduct their businesses in certain regions. For instance, Brexit continues to affect businesses in the UK; whereas, in the USA, certain law and decision changes in specific areas of intellectual property, work for hire, and other legal insurance coverage, such as “claims vs. occurrence,” continue to impact the day-to-day operations of all businesses. 

Management consulting businesses should keep in mind the legislation shaping of businesses that must be clarified to allow one’s business to run and operate smoothly. 

  • The Recruitment of New Talent

As we move in a different world and a different online landscape, the recruitment of new talent doesn’t depend so much on the degrees from top-notch universities. On the contrary, more focus is paid t the set of skills that potential candidates and recruits possess. 

Many consultancy companies require a bachelor’s degree to recruit potential candidates for an entry-level. However, many recruiting companies are now looking for new talent that comes with the top skillset. 


While 2020 was a year filled with uncertainty, 2021 requires a smooth and fast transition from old to modern ways. The pool of potential consultancy candidates might be small. However, your knowledge of the ongoing trends, your exceptional cover letter, and your efficient skills will help you land new clients and foster a good customer-business relationship. 

Last modified: July 21, 2021