Five EDC Gear Items

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Five EDC Gear Items You Need To  Have

With the unexpected situations and events the world has experienced in 2020, lots of people are taking steps to prevent them from being caught unaware in the future. While these actions may be considered overboard by some citizens, other individuals perceive the preparations as a natural right. These preparations are considered even more imperative by those who have experienced one natural disaster or the other.

During natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, it’s common for fear and confusion to take center stage. These natural disasters are a departure from normalcy and sometimes result in scarcity of resources and policemen as reported during hurricane Katrina. Survivors of the hurricane mentioned feeling like the world was at its end. Logic can be hard to utilize in moments like these.

These situations can be better managed if you are well prepared. Preparation must be done in periods of calm and normalcy, otherwise it would be too late. Having the necessary gear and tools on standby make you less shaken in periods of emergency. It’s usually easier and cheaper to purchase supplies, gear, and gas before emergencies due to their abundance.

So what tools and gear are essential when preparing for difficult situations? These tools are everyday carry (EDC) items and are commonly used by the police and military. Nowadays, it has become evident that they are also beneficial to civilians. This is particularly so for those who engage in outdoor activities.

Without the right equipment and tools, certain outdoor activities could quickly turn for the worst. The following are the top five EDC gear you need to prepare for an emergency.

Tactical Backpack

1.   Tactical Backpack

The tactical backpack is one of the most essential EDC gear you’ll come across. This is because it’s built to carry food and medical supplies, as well as other essential tools.. A tactical backpack helps to keep your other EDC gear and tools within reach. It’s important to get a strong but lightweight backpack with adjustable straps. This makes it easier to carry your supplies for long periods.

2.   Tactical Belts

Tactical belts are great tools to have during periods of emergency. Instead of rummaging through bags for a pocket knife or flashlight, a tactical belt is equipped to hold all of these in handy positions. As with the backpack, the product material is also essential. It’s advisable to get a tactical belt made from tactical-grade nylon due to its reliability and weight. A good tactical belt should also have a smart-release feature for easy wear and take off. Tactical belts are pocket friendly but essential to surviving hard times.

3.   Flashlight

There’s no substitute for a flashlight during civil unrest. While your phone may provide light, it’s unreliable during power cuts. Thus, it’s essential to have a good flashlight with rechargeable Lithium batteries that are waterproof and easy to carry. Flashlights come in different sizes and are not a baggage burden as a tactical belt can hold them comfortably.

4.   Combat Boots

Another essential tool in preparing for emergencies is having the right footwear. Nowadays, combat boots have evolved and are more durable and protective. Having a reliable pair grants you comfort even in the toughest topographies. While they have recently become fashionable, combat boots are a must-have in preparing for emergencies. Popular designers such as Nike have also begun manufacturing combat boots so you can easily combine comfort with toughness and style. You should endeavor to dry your combat boots after each wear as they accumulate body sweat and moisture.

5.   Communication Gear

Experience has shown us that in times of disasters and unrest, communication channels are usually most affected. This may be through power cuts or outright damage to cell towers and power generating facilities. Signposts and other street markers can also be damaged by floods and strong winds. With information being key to survival, as well as the importance of hearing from your loved ones, communication gear is a must-have.

You may consider getting satellite phones as they are highly reliable and adaptable to tough situations. Satellite phones with high functionality and durability rankings can be purchased with a budget of $200. Some satellite phones also have navigation features that can help you in unfamiliar terrain. While navigation-equipped satellite phones are preferred, a compass will do the job just fine.

Other Beneficial Items For Emergency Situations

While emergencies are a departure from the norm, certain habits and conduct may help make the situation more bearable. If you’re into music or podcasts, you might want to have a pair of Bluetooth earphones or headsets handy. With the advancement in technology, these wireless earbuds are now very affordable and easy to find. They are also rechargeable and can last hours on a single charge.

It’s also helpful to have a sleeping bag and hand gloves to protect you from the natural forces of the environment. You may also consider getting a bucket hat or a pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Finally, you might take a cue from the vests worn by fishermen and hunters when they go on outdoor expeditions. These vests dry easily and have multiple pockets where you can keep any tools you want handy.

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Last modified: December 1, 2020