So, you’re ready to get a custom belt. While picking out a belt sounds easy, you’ll need to figure out a few things first like what type of belt you want, what type of buckle you want and most importantly, how to select the right size for your custom belt. 

Thankfully, we’re here to help you figure out which belt you will want. Let’s start off with a few questions. Based on your answers, you should know which belt is right for you and your body. Here you can get free delivery on all purchases, Grommet’s Leathercraft.

Do I want a custom leather belt or a fabric belt?

There are two main types of belts you will see everyday – leather belts and fabric or woven belts. 

Many woven belts are designed to adjust with your body over time. Basically, we get smaller or bigger, so we seek out belts that make sizing up and down easier. While getting a belt that has an infinite number of sizing options may feel custom, they are in fact the opposite. A truly custom belt is sized specifically for your body and a fabric belt won’t get that job done. 

When you purchase a custom leather belt, the leather will literally mold to your body over time. That might include some stretching, but by sizing for the center belt hole (more on that below) you will be able to control your sizing as your body changes over time. 

The best part about leather belts is that they are designed to last as your body changes, meaning your custom fit today will feel the same five, ten or even twenty years from now if you seek out and purchase a high quality product. 

What type of custom belt works best for my body shape?

There are two types of custom leather belts – straight belts and curved belts. Most straight belts out there are the exact same. It’s the basic strap you’re used to seeing. 

These “barrel-shaped” belts were designed before we knew much about how belts worked. The are manufactured in mass quantities and assume that every person is the exact same shape, which a quick trip outside will confirm is far from the case. 

Recently, a company from Boulder, Colorado called Embrazio introduced a truly custom belt. Their belts are curved to match the natural contours of the human body. Instead of your belt needing years to break in, they arrive curved from day one giving their users a natural fit with no real break in time. What’s more custom than that?

The best part is that they’re made from top quality genuine leather and will only look and feel better with years of wear. 

Let’s talk custom belt buckles

Let’s talk custom belt buckles

First off, many belts come with buckles. Other’s have an interchangeable space where you can add your own custom buckle. A belt buckle is a good way to add flare and personality to your belt and materials range from brass to nickel and everything in between. 

This is nearly entirely a choice of style. If you like it and it looks good with your belt, we say go for it. When you have a good belt and lots of buckles, you can change you look up everyday while still feeling totally comfortable. That’s the definition of a good custom belt to us. 

What size should your custom belt be?

Belt sizing seems like it should be very straight forward. You may be saying “I wear a size 34 pant, so naturally I should wear a size 34 belt.” This makes sense but it is completely and totally incorrect. 

Your belt size does not necessarily match your pants size because belts are designed to be able to go up and down. You are basically sizing for the center of the belt and here is how you do it: 

Start off by measuring an existing belt that fits you ideally. You will want to measure starting from the buckle bar. The buckle bar is the part that connects the belt to the hole the belt is worn on. 

You will want to measure from the buckle bar all the way to the loop you are most comfortable. This measurement (taken in inches or centimeters depending on where you live) should give you the size belt you should order.


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