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Father’s Day: a thank you to your dad

You love your dad and want to do something really special for him. This’ll be particularly true if the events of last year meant you couldn’t thank him as you wanted to in 2020.

And although restrictions are easing and the world is a far freer place than it was a few months ago, there may be some limitations you have to work with this year too. So get planning, and organise a fab day where you can spend quality time together and make him smile.

Whatever you organise for your dad, he’ll love the effort you’ve put in just for him. And make sure you remember to add a little gift too – something that’ll last and remind him how much you love him. It’ll be the icing on a wonderful cake.

Father’s Day

A picnic

Either take a nice walk to a local park or even have a picnic in the backyard to serve your father the feast of his dreams! Simply set up the picnic blanket on the lawn and make his day with all the things he loves the most. For the same cost of a meal out you can get lavish with smoked salmon, bubbly, fine cuts of cold meats, cheeses from across the globe and plenty of other nice things.

You can even plan some fun sporty outdoor activities if you’re so inclined! From Frisbee to Volleyball and Badminton, there is bound to be something that is going to keep everyone partaking busy for a beautiful day spent with sun, amazing food and fresh air.

A weekend away

Hotels are open again and it’s likely you haven’t had a trip away in a while, so why not organize one for your dad’s big day? You needn’t head far away – just somewhere with nice surroundings so you can fill your lungs with fresh air and spend lots of time together.
Whether your dad is a foodie, enjoys a more adventure filled weekend or needs some serious relaxation – there are offers to suit everyone.

Beer or wine tasting

You don’t need to go to a bar – you can do this from the comfort of your own kitchen or living room. If it’s beer he loves, then go online and find a shop that specialises in unusual ales from around the world. Likewise, wine shops will also sell plonk in smaller bottles, and these are ideal for sampling. It’ll lead to a night with plenty of giggles and silliness – exactly what any good dad enjoys.

In case your dad is not a fan of either, you could also try your hand at bartending and buy some high quality ingredients to mix your own cocktails!

Get outdoors

This could be a walk or perhaps a bike ride. The nice thing about this – other than the fact it keeps you fit – is that these activities provide a great way to chat for long periods of time. You’ll definitely get the chance to tell him how much he means to you, if that’s what you’d like to do, and getting this time with you will mean a lot to him.
You can even extend this activity by making a stop at a nice café or pub to enjoy a meal together.

Take part in his favourite hobby

There are plenty of ways you can partake in your father’s hobby. If he loves golf and you’re rubbish at it, then offer to be his caddy for the day. If he enjoys going for bike rides, maybe you can accompany him. If your dad loves to cook, maybe you can buy some high-quality ingredients and an online class that you can follow along to spend some real quality time with him!

Buy Tickets To His Favorite Event

Even when you or your dad have other commitments on father’s day that cause you to have too little time to spend the day together, you could purchase tickets to an event he will enjoy to attend in the future. Be it wrestling, baseball or a concert – the action is a lot more exciting when it is right in front of you to enjoy. Don’t forget to also organize travel to the venue if necessary!

Last modified: May 30, 2021