You won’t go wrong by investing in a few mountain bikes. They are the best choice when you want to spend some time in the mountains, take an easy journey or go cross country. There are physical, psychological, and mental benefits to riding mountain bikes.

Well, there are many ways riding a mountain bike occasionally can benefit your mind, body, and soul. If looking for a better way to tone muscles, strengthen different body organs, increase brain power, sleep better, or lose weight, stress no more. Get the best MTBs from Orbea.

Orbea is a widely recognized mountain bike brand that has transformed many people’s perceptions about the best mountain bikes. It is the hub of the best mountain bikes for competitive or recreational use. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start or how to choose the best MTBs from the manufacturer.

Read here to find out more about how to choose the best mountain bikes from Orbea.

Choosing Best MTBs in the Market-Key Things to Know

Don’t fret whether you are looking for trail bikes, cross-country bikes, fat-tire bikes, all-mountain bikes, or park bikes. The best dealers got you covered. However, it is not an easy task if doing it for the first time.

But why stress when there are tips to guide you through buying the best mountain bike? Have a look:

Size of the Bike

The MTB size will depend on what you want to do with the model you pick. The more aggressive you want to use the bike, the more advanced features it should entail.

The frame size should be the right fit for you. Check the size guides available online or ask customer care staff to help pick the right size.

Pick a model you can stand over the top tube and don’t feel extended or cramped when riding. Test ride the bike and feel how comfortable it is to ride the MTB of choice.

Right Wheel Size

A demo ride will easily help get the right wheel size. You will quickly narrow down your ideal bikes by comparing the available wheel sizes.

Standard mountain bike wheel sizes vary. You can settle for the traditional 26-inch wheels as they offer more comfort and resistance.

You can also pick 27.5 inches wheel that offers much riding consistent speed. It is easy to accelerate power without compromising your balance.

The 29-inches wheel model is ideal because it feels slow when riding forward. But it guarantees consistency and smoother rides.

Frame Materials 

The frame of your mountain bike is essential. It influences your MTB’s sturdiness, weight, ride quality, cost, and longevity.

Many mountain bike riders fancy aluminum alloy frames. Others go for models made of carbon fiber, steel, and titanium. You will have lightweight, sturdy, and relatively heavy mountain bikes.

Stand Out MTB Features

There are other incredible attributes of a great mountain bike that anyone can handle. For instance, check the bike’s suspension types, hardtail, brakes, and gears.

Bike Maintenance

Mountain bikes need regular repair and maintenance. A good MTBs dealer will give your bike a final mechanical safety inspection before you take it home. A standout MTB should be easy to repair or maintain using bare essentials.


Some MTBs will cost a few dollars more than others. High-quality bikes and models that guarantee better performance will cost more. Feel free to compare their prices from one shop to another.

To Sum Up 

It shouldn’t be taxing to choose the best mountain bike in the competitive market. YES, it is a journey you can undertake hassle-free and take home the best model. Most importantly, it will depend on your taste for MTBs, riding skills, and purpose.

It is also rewarding to seek recommendations from friends, family members, or colleagues and pick the best MTBs. Feel free to read reviews and comments from other mountain bike enthusiasts who shop online. Go through the available bikes and choose styles that satisfy your needs.


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