In the world of hair extensions, there are many different types to choose from. From clip-ins to tape-ins to halo hair to hand-tied wefts, all of these hair extensions not only have different methods of attachment, but also different durabilities and suitabilities for certain hair types.

In this blog post, however, we will be looking at u-tip hair extensions in particular. By the end of the post, you should know what u-tip extensions are, how to install them, their benefits and much more.

What are u-tip hair extensions?

U-tip hair extensions are U-shaped or nail-shaped hair extensions that are pre bonded and lined with silicon. Also known as nail tip, hot fusion or keratin bond extensions, they are installed by being fused onto the wearer’s natural hair with keratin glue. A hot fusion tool is used to melt the non-damaging keratin glue which helps it fuse with the natural hair.


Can you install u-tip extensions by yourself?

Unfortunately, u-tips are not the type of hair extensions that one can install by themselves. This is because the process can be quite lengthy as each nail tip is attached strand by strand. As a result, it can take more than a couple of hours to fully install them onto your natural hair.

Because this is not ideal for many, most wearers get their u-tips installed by a technician or a professional at a salon. One downside is that along with purchasing your hot fusion hair extensions, you will need to spend as much or sometimes even considerably more just for the installation itself.

What are the benefits of u-tip hair extensions?

While u-tips can take a long time to install with the process adding to your costs, they have many benefits. For one, if you are using human hair as opposed to synthetic hair, the u-tips will look extremely natural and beautiful on your head provided it is installed and styled properly. They are also secure and hold firmly onto your hair once they are installed so you don’t have to worry about them falling off at the wrong moment.

They’re also beneficial for those who want to wear extensions for the long term as u-tips are usually very durable.

What type of hair are u-tips best suited for?

It’s always important to consider what type of hair you have and whether an extension suits it. After all, not every type of hair extension is suitable for all types of hair. As far as hot fusions are concerned, they are suitable for those who have thick and coarse hair. So if you already have thickness, but prefer to add more volume and length, u-tips are exactly what you’re looking for.

How long do u-tip hair extensions last?

As aforementioned, u-tip hair extensions are very durable and can last upto six months if given the proper care and maintenance.

Can you reuse u-tips?

It is possible to reuse u-tips but it’s not easy or ideal. For starters, they are meant for single use only as reusing them can cause shedding as well as quality issues.

But as your natural hair grows, your u-tips will eventually move out of place or need to be removed so that they can be reinstalled. If you want to try and reuse your old ones, take them out by using solvent to soften the keratin glue.

Remove them before reapplying once again. But as aforementioned, it’s not easy and will be very time consuming. Additionally, you will likely have to go to a salon again to do the reinstallation. The good news, however, is that you won’t need to spend on new u-tip extensions.

What’s the difference between u-tip and i-tip hair extensions?

While u-tips are extremely popular, another type of hair extension that is equally as popular are i-tip extensions, but there are differences. For one, i-tips are also known as stick tips or cold fusion hair extensions and require a plier, pulling hook and some beads. All you have to do is take a strand of hair, pull it through the pulling hook, grab a bead and pull the hair through inside the bead. The i-tip is then attached inside the bead and the plier bonds the two together.

Like u-tips, they are durable and suited for thick, coarse hair. They require monthly maintenance but at the same time, can also be reused. The biggest benefit of stick tips, however, is that there is no need for any adhesive or heat.


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