Euphoria Season 2


Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

There are times when we see an interesting show but lingual problems sweep off the joy. Now, this indeed seems very irritating and frustrating as it spoils your joy of watching the show. There are two alternatives left to address this problem, one is the subtitles in English and another is waiting for the network that has provision to adapt in the language understood by all. 

But let me tell you that there are shows which are adapted from the other shows of their original language. One such show is Euphoria, a television show that streams on the HBO channel. The concept of this teen drama has been taken from another show of the same mini-series show from Israel. 

Even though it shares a similar title, still, I won’t say it is a complete replica of the original. It is because there are some changes at the time of its adaptation. One major difference you will spot between the two is the concept. Where the show in Israel revolves around a teenage girl’s murder, the show adapted in America is about a young girl who is addicted to drugs. 

Sam Levinson is known to be the person behind the creation of this teen drama show ‘Euphoria’. He is credited for his earlier work including Another Happy Day and What Just Happened. There is a big unit behind the direction and production of this teen drama.

The story emphasizes drugs, relationships, friends, trauma, and sex experienced by students of high school including the main character Rue. She is also the narrator of the show. The teenage drama series also has other ensemble castings including Eric Dane, Barbie Ferreira, Algee Smith, and others. The premiere of the show’s first season came two years back in June. And now all eyes are rested on the release of its second season. 

Show Details 

TV series: Euphoria
Genre: Teen drama
Directed by:  Augustine Frizzel, Jennifer Morrison, Pippa Bianco, & Sam Levinson
Written by: Sam Levinson
Place Of Origin: United States
Starcast:  Zendaya, Angus Cloud, Maude Apatow & others 
Original language: English
Seasons: 1
Episodes:  10

Euphoria Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

Euphoria includes a central character Rue played by Zendaya. She is shown as a character who is immersed in the habit of drugs. Once she is seen in the bathroom by her minor sister. Rue would have died earlier, had she is not being sent to a rehab center timely. She returns after being fully freed from drug addiction. However, this was not the end, since there are other problems she still has to deal with. 

A rumor of her death also gets circulated in the school. It does seem disturbing for her, but sooner she gets a company when she comes close with Julie, a transgender having her own serious issues. Even she does not have a peaceful life and is treated badly in her home and other life phases. The story of Euphoria does not get confined to only these two characters, but other school teenagers as well. 

Leading Actors Of The Show

The story of Euphoria is based upon the teenage girl Rue who is addicted to consuming drugs and is making attempts to recover from it. Other actors in the show play their own characters. Let us have a brief introduction of them:


She is in the main leading role of the American adapted teenage drama Euphoria. Zendaya is a well–known face for her appearances in films like The Greatest Showman and is an American Sitcom Black-ish, as well as a web, show The OA

However, she became a familiar name with Shake It Up on Disney Channel. Zendaya also starred in the movie Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman: Far From Home. She plays the love interest of Peter Parker, the alternate identity of spiderman. 

Algee Smith

Another main character in Euphoria is Chris played by Algee Smith. This actor had experience working in films and has also appeared in other television shows like The Infamous, Detroit, and Earth to Echo. Apart from it, Algee is also well-versed in music with one mixtape and other extended plays. 

Sydney Sweeney

Coming on to next is the American actress Sydney Sweeney. She plays the character of Cassie in Euphoria. Other than movies, Sydney also has exposure to television shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Pretty Little Liars, Everything Sucks! She also acted in the movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Reviews & Controversy

When it comes to watching a television series, it is obvious that people would be interested in knowing the reviews. Well, talking about Euphoria, it is indeed a good show according to the reviews that seem positive from the critics’ point of view. 

The show fares well in terms of the acting prowess of actors including the main lead Zendaya and the one who plays the transgender character, Hunter Schafer. But the content showing sexuality and nudity has also made it surrounded by controversies. 

According to some critics, the adult scenes are of much excess. However, that has hardly made any impact on the show. Euphoria has been listed into many nominations for different prestigious honors. The main actor Zendaya also became the recipient of the honorary award for the best actress. 

When Will Euphoria Season 2 Release?

The previous season of this teen drama already took place in 2019, and the premier of the second season has also begun from December 2020 and is still running from January 2021 in the part 2 segment.

Why Watch Euphoria Season 2?

Euphoria reflects a dark kind of storyline picturized on the characters like Rue and Julie, and how they face multiple challenges in their lives. Better watch it alone on HBO, as it might not be a suitable watch for your younger ones and family. 

Even though the stuff is much adult-oriented with scenes of intimacy and nudity, the portrayal of characters by the actors is what makes this show worth watching. If you love the character of Zendaya in both the Spiderman movies, then you will surely go to appraise her for such a challenging and different role.