Emily Compagno is a multi-skilled woman who has justified all her responsibilities incredibly. The world describes Emily Compagno as a committed, diligent and wise lady rocking through anything and everything that she takes in her hand.

An active business and sports evaluator and critic, sports correspondent, criminal defense attorney and erstwhile applauder for Oakland Raiders in the National Football League, Emily have gracefully worked on these positions.

Currently, she is employed at the Fox News Channel. Her presence is also seen in various FNC programs. There are several interesting things about this powerful lady one needs to know.

Early Life

Emily Compagno came into this world on the 9th of November in the year 1979. She was born to John Compagno and Katherine in the Oaknoll Naval Hospital situated in Oakland of California. Emily’s father belongs to Italian descent while her mother was a German.

She stays in Seattle, Washington. However, she was brought up in EI Cerrito of California. Natalie and Julietta Compango are siblings of Emily. Natalie has been active as a writer for various international expedition magazines and has been an excursionist to over 85 countries.

Sproutable was founded by Julietta Compango Skoog along with her co-partner which is a website designed for supporting parents in bringing up extraordinary children.

After passing out from the University of Washington, Emily became a B.A. in Political Science. There, she also got rewarded with Cadet of the Quarter Award belonging to the U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Thereafter, she opted for pursuing Law and joined the University Of San Francisco School Of Law in the year 2006 and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in hand.

When she was a legal intern, she started doing charity work while on a visit to countries such as Malawi, Uganda, and South Africa.

Personal Life

Emily is a married woman and it is believed that she has been married for two years now. However, there is no information available about her husband and he is still anonymous to the world. Emily Compagno was married in Italy.

Emily has been an enthusiastic dancer since childhood and dancing is her hobby. It is said that her ability to dance made her perfectly fit into the role of a cheerleader for the NFL.

Emily’s great grandfather was awarded the Silver Star Medal for his outstanding contribution to World War II.

Know Emily’s Age and Other Details

Emily Compagno is of 40 years at present. Emily’s height is 157 cm and weighs around 55 kg.

Emily Compagno Career

When Emily Compagno gained the degree of law and passed the California Bar, she started practicing as a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco. Simultaneously, she also joined the NFL as an Ambassador.

Emily was appointed as the head of the cheerleading team for her home team, Oakland Raiders that are famously known as Raiderettes and have a huge fan base. As an ambassador, she advertised the brand of the NFL in Shanghai and Beijing. Five cheerleaders from the National Football League were selected to attend the U.S. troops with the USO posted in Kuwait and Iran, among which, Emily was also the one selected.


Emily never looked back in her career as an attorney. She served as a senior justice judicial Extern at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for the John T. Noonan. Later, she actively started working as the national prosecutor for a brief period post which, she earned the position of general attorney at the Social Security Administration.

Emily started serving at this position in the year of 2010 and continued up to 2014, 4 years in total.  Emily never sat back at one place peacefully and constantly hunted for opportunities. Later she served at many constitutional posts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as South Africa, Cape Town.

From the year of 2018, Emily Compagno has been associated with the Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel and has been managing their legal matters as a legal evaluator and a contributor.

She handled many splendid topics like Hillary email scandal, national spending bill, etc. Due to her role as a contributor, Emily appears on various Fox News programs as a guest reporter, where she tries to openly share her opinions and impressions on the news of the day. Talking about her routine appearance on the channel, she appears as a legal expert on the show ‘The Five’ and ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’.

Apart from this, Emily has been appearing as a journalist and has covered the PAC 12 sports affairs and has been anchoring various professional sports press events and Fanspeak portions.

With all the experience Emily gained by associating herself with the entertainment world, she was all prepared for her show. Hence, Emily came up with the show ‘Crimes That Changed America’ on the 9th of March in the current year, 2020. The show runs on the Fox Nation is constantly getting increased TRP’s and has received tremendous response from the audience. In the show, Emily Compagno selects a few of the latest heinous crime cases that have been registered in America and keep on traveling in the whole country for inspecting the cases.

Emily Compagno Net worth

Emily has gracefully worked at several different positions in various fields and for each position, she made conscious exertion of her power and gracefully completed the work assigned to her. Wherever she is standing today, is a result of all constant elbow greasing, shedding of sweat and deep efforts put in from a quite young age.

Her yearly earnings were almost $80,000 when she started her career at a tender age. There is no particular information available about her salary anywhere but it is going to be a handsome amount.

However, it is believed that her association with the Fox News Channel has raised her worth immensely and it will keep on boosting considering her extremely professional attitude. Emily Compagno’s net worth is predicted to be around $ 1,500,000 ($ 1.5 million) to date.

Emily does not differentiate small and big goals. She has always been working with utmost dedication even for the tiniest task. In fact, according to her, small and everyday goals are more important than bigger and influential goals.


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