Are you planning to doll up your living room with tiles? Without a doubt, go for it. It’s because tiles are a fantastic option to have a voguish living room. Tiles are easy to maintain and stay for a longer-term. Green tiles are one of the modish colors that homeowners are looking for in their living room. However, there are some considerations while selecting green tiles. Keep in mind the size of the living room to design with the tiles accordingly. So, let’s begin!

➤ Green Glass Tiles with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are much in trend. But make sure to be more careful as they scratch easily. You can choose ceramic wood if you want durability.

Moreover, it is much resistant to moisture and scratching. While selecting the green glass wall tiles, either go for light shade tiles or go with a combination of dark green & light- green shades. This style goes with the spacious living rooms and is quite an eye-catching trend.

Green Tiles for Your Living Room

➤ Green Ceramic Tiles with Grey Flooring

Green ceramic tiles put you in a favorable situation as the tiles are hard and dense. Ceramic tiles are non-porous and also clean up easily with just a wet-clean cloth. Another advantage of getting green ceramic tiles is that they are affordable.

Green ceramic tiles with grey marble flooring are pretty popular. The style goes with less as well as a more spacious living room. Make sure to have perfect contrast such as light green with dark grey or dark green with light grey.

➤ Printed Green Ceramic Tiles pairing with White Ceramic Tiles

Another in-fashion option is to merge the printed or textured green ceramic tiles with plain white ceramic tiles. Make sure to go with white ceramic tiles. This is perfect to go for the ones who have a small living room. The style creates an illusion of space and looks pretty elite.

You can also keep the side, top, and floor white. Add green tile backsplash in the center wall, pairing with white ceramic tiles. This builds a timeless design that you and your guests will surely adore.

➤ Green Mirror Tiles with Bamboo Floors

Some people want the natural light style for their living room. So, green mirror tiles can be an ideal choice as they will add naturality and the color that please the eyes. Pair the tiles with bamboo floors to have a contemporary yet classic living room.

Mirror tiles and bamboo floors are easy to maintain. But don’t opt for the bamboo tiles if your place has less humid climates. If you have pets and kids, again, a bamboo floor can’t be a good option. For the alternative, you can select the brown floor tiles resembling the wooden look.

Winding Up

As discussed above, green tiles are pleasing to the eyes as the color is calm. Moreover, the best hue tiles for summers. The color is setting the trend and is much applauded by people around the world. Therefore, you can follow the above ideas anytime or use your creativity to design your living room.


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