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Drug Tests in a Modern Online or Offline Company. HR Expert Opinion

For quite some time drug tests and employment came hand in hand. Before you start working somewhere you’re usually required to pass a drug test. Times change and so work-related demands.

One thing that doesn’t change is a drug test and the way it’s performed, especially results involving cannabis use. While cannabis use has become new normality for many, testing positive for THC could take you to hot waters and create an uncomfortable situation.

If you’ve ever wanted to know about HR expert opinion regarding drug tests in a modern online or offline company now you can find out.

It’s all about the right people

We can easily say that the HR department is the heart of every company. Regardless of the industry, location, and size of the business, the HR department and its functionality are crucial. The department has demanding tasks which can be simplified nowadays thanks to the HR software. One of the many tasks carried out by the HR department is to handle a tricky topic such as drug testing. You see, HR needs to make sure there are no irregularities in the whole process but also care for the employee’s wellbeing and the functioning of the whole team.

Why is workplace drug testing such a tricky subject, you wonder. Whether it’s a modern or offline company, the policy of imposing drug tests is a touchy topic because it can send a wrong message. For example, companies that require a clean drug test as pre-employment send a message that they have a zero-tolerance policy.


For marijuana users, this can be bad news. While laws regarding marijuana use are adapting and changing with the evidence of its potential benefits, companies didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Testing positive for THC could mean a candidate wouldn’t get hired or an employee could face termination of the contract in such an environment.

For that reason, many people strive to read as much as they can about different ways to pass a drug test and want to know more about products such as Nexxus Aloe Rid. These products allow cannabis users to eliminate THC out of system and hair to pass a drug test without too much hassle. Thanks to their ease of use, it has become easier to pass drug tests in online and offline companies.

Changes are necessary

Although the workplace should be safe and welcoming for all, regardless of whether it’s online or offline, drug testing requires some major changes. Today, drug testing creates a hostile environment, particularly for marijuana users. As mentioned above, laws and public opinion on this subject evolve and change, but companies are stuck in an old-fashioned perspective.

Drug testing policies, particularly for marijuana use, aren’t in step with the realities of today’s workplace. The workforce today is primarily comprised of young adults and many of them are marijuana users. They do it recreationally, but the use of cannabis doesn’t necessarily have to interfere with their productivity and performance at work.

By keeping pre-employment drug tests and ruling out marijuana users, companies are eliminating qualified candidates solely because of their lifestyle. That’s not encouraging at all, and it’s time to step things up and make sure companies adapt to changes that modern age brings. When it comes to recruitment and looking for new employees, it’s always useful to read about current trends and learn what they expect from a workplace.

Additionally, random screenings at work can bring down morale and prompt employees to look elsewhere for work. Some companies don’t do drug testing in such a strict way and they don’t have a harsh policy against marijuana users. Nothing is stopping a qualified and skilled professional to see employment in those companies knowing they accept their lifestyle.

What every HR expert firmly believes is that a company, especially modern business, needs to keep up with trends and regulations in the industry, but also in the legislature and other aspects of life. A modern company should nurture tolerance, acceptance, and encourage people to be confident and appreciate themselves and their passions. Additionally, a modern company shouldn’t judge someone because of their lifestyle choices, especially if the work performance is unaffected.

Modern times require modern measures

Modern companies should provide a safe work environment and a positive, stimulating atmosphere. Nowadays, legislation regarding marijuana is changing and companies need to keep up. For many working environments, except for federal contractors, drug testing and harsh policies regarding THC are generating discouraging and negative vibes, instead of doing the opposite.

Bottom line

Drug tests in modern online or offline companies are slowly becoming obsolete, but companies still a long way to go and keep up with modern times, laws, and public perspectives.

Drug tests, especially harsh policies on marijuana, are observed as hostile, intrusive, and discouraging. This gives the HR department an even bigger challenge as they need to work even harder to create a positive and welcoming environment for all. Whether performed online or offline, businesses should still focus on basic values – tolerance and encouragement.

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Last modified: August 26, 2020