Does your boiler need replacement

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Does your boiler need replacement?

There is no defined rule that states you must change or replace your boiler after “this” many years. There is a huge misconception that a good boiler must last for 15 years or 10 years.

They don’t come with a life time span and you should maintain it well, to make it last longer. Regular service can really boost your boiler’s lifetime but in some situations, all your boiler is yelling for is for it to be replaced.

Here are some signs that your boiler needs replacement and it is time to let the old one go!

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Does your boiler need replacement

  • It breaks down frequently:

If your gas engineer visits and repairs your boiler more than a year, then you definitely need to replace it. The costs that are involved in repairing the boiler are going to end up being more than the actual price of a new boiler.

Regular services are essential to keep it working for long term. However, if it is breaking down too often, the struggle of maintaining it will get harder over time. Therefore, it is best to replace it.

  • Your bills are going up:

Are you wondering why your gas bills are going up without any valid explanation? As a boiler gets less efficient, it starts costing more. There are different types of boilers, ranging from A-rated ones to G-rated ones. If you are looking for boiler replacement, then you must look into both the types.

  • It is getting noisier day by day:

A boiler is going to make sounds as almost all central heating systems do. However, you must notice if the boiler is making an unusual noise. If the noise type and volume increase, then it is a huge sign that it is no longer as efficient as it once used to be.

For instance, if there is a constant tapping sound on the radiator of the boiler, then it indicates built-up sludge in the system. This is repairable. But if there is a constant humming, banging or vibrating sound, then it is an indication of a bigger problem. Well, you can always replace it with a new radiator. Check this site in case you want to buy a new radiator.

  • The flame is now yellow instead of blue:

The boiler flame should be bright blue. If the flame is no longer blue but is orange or yellow, then it needs an immediate plumbing and heating engineer to service it. The plumbing and heating engineer will let you know if the boiler is fine or there is another serious issue that wouldn’t be solvable in the long run.

  • An odd smell is emitted from the boiler:

Does your boiler smell like an egg or a sulphurous odor is emitted from it when it’s turned on? If yes, it is time to wave it goodbye. Do not use your boiler if it is smelly and get a professional to check it out.

Ditch the assumption that a boiler cannot demand a replacement before 15 years. If it is being problematic, then get it checked and replaced if needed. Remember, that a boiler can run on a yearly maintenance but if the gas engineer has to check it too often; it is no good anymore.

Last modified: May 29, 2021