Relocating home can be exhausting and more so if you’ve expensive and fragile glass artwork to pack and move. However, you can protect these delicate items by using the right packing material to avoid any in-transit damage.

avoid any in-transit damage

Herein, we are sharing different packing materials that can be used for safe delivery of glass art:

1. Invest in good Void Fill packaging

Void fill is any such material that fills the empty space in a box to save products from getting damaged in the hustle and bustle of moving.

Some of the recommended void fills for packing glass artwork are:

  • Cell pack: It contains cardboard partitions wherein each compartment is perfectly sized and limits the movement of items.
  • Paper: It cushions products packed inside the box.
  • Air pillows: These can be used to pad items within a box.

Above all, use high-quality packaging tape to seal the box properly so that no product slips out on the floor.

2. Use Bubble wrap

Anything from elegant dichroic glass painting to heavy antiques should be wrapped individually using bubble wrap.

This creates a line of defense against accidental damage, falls, and bumps on the road during traveling.

Use Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has many benefits:

  • Cushions the glass against impact
  • Prevents movement within the box
  • Water-proof, flexible, and reusable

Pro tip: Wrap the glass art piece in paper first, then with bubble wrap.

3. Use heavy blankets

The softness and thickness of a blanket offers protection to most sensitive household items against extreme movements.  You can easily find them stored in your closets.  They are available in different sizes to keep fragile items safe against any breakage.

4. Cardboard Edge Protectors

Corners of glass artworks are generally vulnerable to shipping damage.

The benefits of cardboard edge protectors are:

  • Withstands abrasion and intense impacts
  • Can be used for any kind of product
  • Eco-friendly, reusable, and can be recycled
  • Light-weight
  • Support the glass items
  • Long-lasting and pocket-friendly
  • Helps in avoiding bumps and knocks during the transit

You can easily buy these from moving or frame stores.

5. Foam boards

Also known as foam core, foam boards are used for packing and safely transporting flat glass artworks such as paintings.


Foam boards come in varying levels of thickness depending on the amount of protection needed for your item.

Perks of foam boards are:

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Resistant to moisture, fungi, and chemicals
  • Environment-friendly and recyclable

In the end…

Above all, using the right packaging material ensures that your otherwise delicate glass art pieces are safely transported to the destination without any damage.

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