Designated Survivor season 4


Designated Survivor Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Every entertainment lover has a specific taste for a particular genre, be it action, comedy, thriller, horror, or any other. But the shows coming with mixed flavors of genre successfully garner much viewership. One such example to mention is Designated Survivor. The show streams on the American Broadcasting Company network.

The premiere of this show came around four years ago in September. Its beginning seasons aired both on the latter network and another popular network Netflix. There was a time when the ratings of this show were getting poorer. ABC had almost decided to close it, but somehow it was rescued by Netflix.

Ever imagine a situation, when a capital building of the United States gets destroyed by an evil force, and the only one left survives takes over in becoming the new president? Well, hope that does not happen in real life, but this is the concept of the political thriller drama series ‘Designated Survivor’.

In this show, you will see how the new president of the U.S faces challenges in life when having no experience, and do not have any idea about what is revolving around him. The credit of curating such a remarkable show goes to its creator David Guggenheim.

The unexpected conspiracy element makes this political thriller drama worth watching. Ever since it has been streaming on the popular network Netflix, the viewership of this show has received a good response from its viewers who loved the concept of this show. Even the critics have also given thumbs up to it. Till now, three seasons of this show have come. And now all eyes are rested upon its fourth season.

Show Details 

TV Series: Designated Survivor
Genre: Thriller, conspiracy & political drama
Created by:  David Guggenheim
Composers: Sean Callery, Paul Leonard-Morgan & Robert Lydecker
Place Of Origin: United States & Canada
Starcast:  Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto & others
Original language: English
Seasons: 3
Episodes:  53

Designated Survivor season 4 release date

Story Plot

The story revolves around the character called Kirkman and his adventures in surviving the explosive attack on the building that kills the president. After his demise, he is made the president overnight and becomes the designated survivor.

Even though he is loaded with a big responsibility, still, he seems unaware of the series of incidents that come his way. The show showcases the struggle of Kirkman, and how he manages to overcome the danger in the way of his political aspirations as the legitimate president.

Actor Playing The Main Lead In Designated President

A perfect storyline becomes more impactful when the actors make it lively with their talented performances. So let us have a glance over some of the show’s actors in the main lead. The first one to begin with is:

Kiefer Sutherland

The actor who plays the title character Tom Kirkman is Kiefer Sutherland. He was born in 1966 December. Other than actor Kiefer holds multiple skills in singing, production, and direction also. Other than a designated survivor, he has also proved his acting prowess in 24 and became the recipient of prestigious honorary awards including the Golden Globe and Emmy. He played the character of Jack Bauer in it.

Italia Ricci

Coming on to the next is the beautiful Canadian actress Italia Ricci. She plays the character of Emily Rhodes in the latter political drama series. She made her debut with American Pie, a popular sex comedy movie that came in 1999.

She also appeared in Beta House, which was a video film. She also garnered a role in Aaron Stone and was seen in the music video of an American rock band. Italia also did some brief-length roles in a popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Some of her other appearances include Secret Girlfriend and Unnatural History. Italia also did some romantic films like Rome In Love.

Kal Penn

Another main lead actor that stars in the Designated Survivor show is Kal Penn. Even though he is an Indian because of his actual name Kalpen Modi. But now his identity is of an American actor, and an ex-staff member in the administration of the 44th United States president. To make his name look more appealing, he crafted his name to Kal Penn from Kalpen.

He is known for his role in House, a TV program. He also did a film series, Harold & Kumar. Besides this, he also starred in the late actor Irfan Khan starrer movie The Namesake. Kal Penn had been a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q is a well-known actress from America who also joins the brigade of the main lead in this political drama series. She is one of the finest and talented actresses who appeared in several top-notch movies like Mission Impossible 3, where she shared screen space with the charming handsome actor Tom Cruise, The Priest (a horror-action movie), Insurgent, and many more. One cannot forget her portrayal of the character Nikita in the movie of the same name.

Kevin McNally

Including one more name in the main lead is Kevin McNally. He is a talented personality who has expertise in the field of radio, television, theatre, and also films. If you have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, then you must have noticed him playing one of the characters in the film.

Designated Survivor Season 4: When It Is Going To Release?

The latest third season had streamed the screens two years back from now in June. The show went through a great speed gaining likes from its viewers. After watching the previous three seasons of political thriller and conspiracy drama Designated Survivor, now people are expecting its new fourth season on Netflix. They are eager to watch the future adventures of Kirkman.

It feels sorry to inform you that the next season of Designated Survivor won’t be taking place as it has been canceled by the makers. This bad news must have put down your excitement and hope. Many believed that unless this show is airing on the popular network is Netflix, it won’t face any problem of cancellation as previously done by ABC. But if you are still hopeful of its return, then there must be someone to save it again from the television graveyard.

So sorry folks! It is not happening again.