Danielle Bregoli Introduction

Danielle Bregoli is a famous rapper based in the United States and a social media personality. Her net worth is $5 million. She became a viral sensation after she appeared on the Dr. Phil show along with her mother. She has also been known as rapper Bhad Bhabie and has journeyed a long way to success since she appeared first on daytime television.

Net Worth                       :       $5 million
Real Name                      :       Danielle Marie Peskowitz
Celebrity Name              :       Danielle Bregoli
Gender                             :       Female
Date of Birth                  :       March 26th, 2003
Place of Birth                 :       Florida, United States
Nationality                     :       American
Weight                            :       45 kg
Sexual Orientation       :       Straight
Source of wealth           :       American Rapper, Social Media Personality,
Marital Status               :       Single

Details of Bregoli’s net worth

Her wealth flows in from several resources. The first resource is her public image which has received a big boost since the day she appeared on Dr. Phil show. The second resource of wealth is the music she constantly produces. She has three singles to her credit, and her music video has received over a million views in a single day after the release. She is fame crazy and never leaves an opportunity that adds to her fame. Her net worth as of April 2020 is about $5 million.

In July 2019, she signed a $1 million songwriting deal with Pulse Music Group, getting $350,000 upfront and the rest in two equal installments.

She charges around $40,000 for meetups and greeting sessions. She charged the same price for her appearance in 2018 at the Rolling Loud Music Festival. She also signed a deal with Snapchat for the creation of a reality series.

She earned $900,000 in Jan 2019 to endorse a brand new cosmetics company CopyCat Beauty. If the endorsement goes on well, she will get a hefty bonus and an opportunity to create a makeup line of her own.

Danielle Bregoli Early Life

Danielle Bregoli was born on March 26th, 2003. She was raised by her father Ira Peskowitz and mother Barbara Ann Bregoli. Her parents had been dating for a year when Barbara got expectant. They broke up while she was still a baby. Her mom took the responsibility of raising her.

Personal Life

After she appeared on the Dr. Phil show, she got to stay at a place meant for disturbed young people. The place was known as the Utah Ranch. Later on, she was arrested and pleaded guilty to many charges which led to her five years’ probation period. Her sentence began in July 2017.

Danielle Bregoli Career

In 2016, Bregoli appeared on the Dr. Phil show along with her mother to discuss her behavior. Bregoli started feeling irritated at the fits of laughter from the members of the audience. As a reaction, she uttered the catchphrase, ‘Cash me outside.’ This catchphrase became immensely popular among people and made her famous. Within a short time, the catchphrase turned into an internet meme. The line got so popular that DJ Suede The Remix God made a single on it, which also gained immense popularity that it secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and other music charts.


After that, she appeared in a song called Everything 1K created by Kodak Black. Her first remix was a blend of two songs; one was Kodak Black’s Roll in Peace and the other was Lil Yatchy’s D to the A. In 2017, she released a single Hi Bich. In the following year, she also released another single titled Whachu Know.

The Internet meme itself popped up on many products. A Walmart shirt carrying the catchphrase was seen worn by many youngsters. As a result, Bregoli and her mother also sued lots of companies for using the catchphrase without Bregoli’s consent. The fame was still local and not international, but she was now viral enough to catch the attention of Adam Kluger, who was then a product placement manager.

Kluger had consciously decided that he would turn someone someday into a living brand, but his mission was not as simple as it sounded. To make someone successful in this regard, he wanted that person to prove his or her mettle in the universe of music. This is why in August 2017, Bregoli turned to music and released her first single ‘These Heaux.’ The single stopped at the 77th position on Billboard Hot 100. The achievement was notable in the sense that Bregoli was the youngest female rapper to make debut in the top 100 list. The biggest advantage Bregoli reaped from this achievement was that she inked a hefty deal with the Atlantic Records, which did not stop at the creation of a single album, rather a series of albums.

Since then Bregoli has been producing and releasing music. She is doing off and on singles and has managed to secure plenty of commercial success. She also has released a mixtape and other remixes which if combined with her singles make a notable amount of work. She also went on a music tour in April 2018.

Social Media Earnings

As of April 2020, she has 18 million followers on Instagram, 600k followers on Twitter and seven million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She receives a hefty sum for doing paid posts and placement of different products on Instagram. A few of her early paid posts were for Postmates and Fit Tea. Her placements performed well. Fit Video received over 12 million views, which was quite remarkable. She might get paid around $100,000 for a single sponsored post on Instagram, which is a significant addition to her net worth.

YouTube pays around $7.65 per 1000 views of the advertisements on a channel. If all of her seven million subscribers watch the ad, she would bag around $53,550. This figure is for a single video. If her channel gives her 10 million monthly views, she would bag around $76,500 per month. The amount will double up for 20 million views.

Awards & Achievements

Danielle was nominated for a 2017 MTV Movie & TV Award because of her viral meme.

Famous Quotations

“Catch me outside, how ’bout dat?”  Danielle Bregoli

“Her real name is Sally. But her street name is G-Dog Sally Wag,” Danielle Bregoli


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