Custom poly mailer bags are a great hunt by many brands. It’s because they are usually made up of 100 percent recycled materials and are cost-effective. This helps the brands to move towards sustainability which acts as one of the incredible marketing tools. Plus, the personalized option allows the owner to have a design that matches their brand tone.

Various research is done on shipments related to customers’ desires. Some have cleared that consumers look for sustainable packaging and appreciate the tailored designs. So, the recycled poly mailers, including customization, become a preference of the brands as they can give maximum satisfaction to customers. Furthermore, there are high chances to push more than targeted outputs.

Perhaps, these factors don’t mean that tailored poly mailers are the right decision for every organization. For some enterprises, paper mailers work far better than poly mailers. While others recommend using poly mailers. Let’s learn how to make customized poly mailers the right fit for a particular business.

Do They Stand True for My Brand

➤Firstly Decide Whether Eco-Friendly Poly Mailers Work Suitable

Undoubtedly, poly mailers are an outstanding option for shipping backpacks, textiles, and soft goods. Even businesses that deal in books use poly mailer bags.

These companies dealing in such items ensure that their poly mailers are eco-friendly. On the other hand, businesses of cosmetics, jewelry, or vitamins don’t opt for environmentally friendly bags as they had seen the damages of their items when they reached the customer’s doorsteps. That’s why some of them pack the stuff in some plastic container and layered it with recycled poly mailers for additional safety.

➤How Customization Make Sense to Individual Brands

When going for customization that brands must make a list of three key questions:

  1. Does the package have the capacity of minimum order?
  2. Will the additional price of customization not increase the graph of expense? If so, is there any chance to cover up the extra cost with the sales price?
  3. Is the company comfortable with an increase of a higher lead time of custom branded packaging?

If the above questions are in favor, then customization will make sense.

➤Ensure Less Lead Time Custom Poly Mailers

One also has to decide whether to opt for the post-production printing that actually starts with a less minimum order, for instance, 500. Another option is to finalize the in-line printing, which may start with a 25000 minimum order. Generally, brands go with post-production printing as the lead time is shorter.

➤Not Neglect the Brand Tone Artwork

Whether it’s post-production or inline printing, the brand has to finalize the artwork. Every brand has a different objective when serving the customers. So, one must ensure the artwork is linked to the business tone and is unique. Distinctive yet brand-relatable designs are more appealing to customers.

These are essential considerations that one can always look for and also ensure the customized poly bubble mailers stand true to their brand’s goals. Hope this informative post comes in handy.


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