Roblox is one of the games with the uber interesting concept that we haven’t seen in a while in the games. In fact, Roblox is a proper platform!

This gaming platform allows different creators to collaborate and create innovative and amazing games. Therefore, it is one of the key reasons why Roblox has emerged as a thriving game globally.

Not just this, but this platform is famous for lego based characters and have some famous global games onboard like Natural Disaster Survival, Murder Mystery 2, and Work at a Pizza Place, etc.

Also, at the initial launch stage, this game was not famous in the gaming society; however, in 2020, it’s all the rage and all over the place!!

How Does Roblox Game Work?

Roblox is a proper gaming environment. It’s not a game like Fortnite, where many players from around the globe have virtual battles.

Instead, Roblox is all about experiencing millions of games in one place. These games have a similar feel and look and have a similar visual environment. But one thing to note here is that they don’t co-exist in the one gaming world. In fact, the individual game of the Roblox is a different game.

Furthermore, the users can download each game in the environment of Roblox. They don’t need any additional App or Software to download each game unless they want to create a game.

You can play every imaginable genre of game on the Roblox. For example, you can play action, role-playing, racing, shooting games; you name it!

History of Roblox

Roblox was launched at the beginning of 2006 and got heard of in the year 2012 as the game hit 7 million users and grew steadily. With time, more developers and players started creating content on this platform.

The popularity evolved and reached the height of 150 million active users. Now, this gaming platform has more than 2,500 employees that are working for this gaming platform. Also, the present market valuation of this company is approximately $29.5 billion with a minimal funding of $855.7 million. Indeed, after hearing such stats, we have to praise David Baszucki.

Who is the Creator of Roblox?

All thanks to David Baszucki! He is the CEO and co-founder of Roblox. Along with Erik Cassel, he created this spectacular platform that brings people together in one place.

Roblox was created by these two famous personalities in the year 2004. They proudly introduced and launched this game in the year 2006. Though at the start, this game faced inattentiveness by the audience like any other game. With the passage of time, this gaming platform reached newer growth levels and earned huge rage.

About Creators

David Baszucki was born in 1963 on 20th January. Throughout his life, he worked as an interactive physics engineer. Later on, he worked on the prototype of the Dynablocks, which he named ‘Roblox’.

Speaking of his education, he was a part of the famous school Eden Prairie High school in Minnesota. With excellent academic ability and dedication, he made it to Stanford University. He studied Computer Sciences and Engineering as his major subjects. Later on, he graduated in the year 1985, holding a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Speaking of the other co-founder Erik Cassel who was born in 1967 on December 16. He used the account named Erik.Cassel in the Roblox. On 11th February 2013, he died due to cancer. Still, his social media accounts have different pieces of information about the rewards of the games.

Nowadays, one news is spreading like wildfire over the internet, especially among the citizens of the United States, United Kingdom and the Philippines.

News is all about the death rumors of David Baszucki. Though, nothing is confirmed yet!

Read on this blog to find out if this news is true or not!

Did the Roblox David Baszucki Die?

There is a rumor that Roblox creator ‘David Baszucki’ is dead. Though this is the half-truth because David is still active on his social media, and his account is still healthy. On the other hand, many cybernauts on social media platforms claimed that David is no more.

The truth is David is still alive and still working on various projects. He was born in Canada, and many game players recognized this man by his unique username “Builderman”.

How These Rumors Arise?

The co-founder of Roblox, Erik Cassel, used to be pretty active on the game by his username.  After his death, he obviously left the space.

David Baszucki, on the other hand also pretty active via a character named Builderman.

Basically, It’s an active alternative account through which he delivers the welcome messages to each player.

In the past few days, his account got deactivated, which built the rumors that Buildman had passed away.

Comments By the Users

Users were quite worried from the last day when the builder wasn’t seen active. Many people are raising the concerns while others are busy spreading fake news he is dead. There are many comments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


To cut the story short, David is alive and working on various projects. The main reason that raises this question of whether David is alive or not in the mind of users is that they were not getting a typical welcome message from the Builderman upon opening an account on Roblox. Though the company employees are on board to solve this issue and they claim that David is still alive!

Likewise, it’s clear that people should not believe what they read or see on the internet. So, don’t believe in rumor that comes your way; always investigate it before believing it!


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