Crash Landing on You is a popular K drama television series in South Korea. The show obtained immense popularity soon after its release. It has been critically acclaimed and praised by its fans. According to the IMDb rating, the show received 8.8 out of 10, which is impressive. The show has been doing exceptionally well.

It is also speculated that Crash Landing on You will undoubtedly make a comeback with Season 2. More than 95 percent of the viewers have loved this romantic show and well-executed storyline. “Crash Landing On You” is a direction of Lee Jeong-Hyo. The first season came on screen on December 14, 2019, on tvN in South Korea and worldwide on Netflix.

There are only a handful of shows that receive such great reviews and this show’s popularity has undoubtedly made it the second-highest cable drama in Korean history. The show has received so much love that it broke records with a 24.1% rating over a previous Korean drama series hit at 20.5%. Son ye-Jin and Hyun Bin’s on-screen chemistry is the main reason for its great success.

The show revolves around a CEO, Yoon-Se Ri, who winds up entering North Korea after paragliding. She falls into the arms of Captain Ri Jeong and begins to look all starry eyed at him. What follows is her endurance as she sets out to escape back to her nation. She seeks the support of new companions and faces various challenges in her attempt to go back. In this entire journey, she forms some significant kinships and falls in love with the Captain.

Crash Landing on You Season 2: Release Date

Fans are intensely waiting for the romantic saga Crash Landing on You season 2. The series lead actor Hyun Bin was back in South Korea a few days ago from shooting his thriller movie named Bargaining or The Negotiations. It has been over six months since the release of Crash Landing on You, but the producers have not yet established a second season for their show.

Many fans were worried that the show might not be renewed for another season. It is because Korean drama mostly lasts for one season. Not everyone is aware of the petition, which was signed in support of Crash Landing on You Season 2. People are eager to watch the famous onscreen couple Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri’s story unfolds for future events and see them getting married and starting a family.

There is no official announcement for the second season of Crash Landing on You. The series might be witnessing an unnecessary delay due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation. Numerous entertainment projects have been halted due to the coronavirus breakout. However, fans believe that once the situation gets better, they might get to watch the worldwide-admired Korean series Crash Landing on You Season 2.

Crash Landing on You Season 2: Cast

Crash Landing on You turned out to be one of the best and watched series of Netflix Dramas. The series is known for the highest-rated South Korean drama. One of the best parts of the series is its show cast and the character roles which are very well executed. There is no official announcement on any new cast of characters of the series. So it is most likely that the previous cast will return to add charm to its second season. The main lead male and female characters include:

  • Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong- hyuk
  • Son Ye-Jin as Yoon Se-Ri

The enormous engagement rate has kept the show on top of Netflix in Japan since its release date. Fans are expecting to see more of the story on the screen. However, we are confident that the leads of the series will not change, and the other cast members of the show include:

  • Park Hyung-soo as Yoon Se-Hyung
  • Hwang Woo-Seul-Hye as Do Hye-Ji
  • Family Young-min as Jeong Man-bok
  • Choi Dae-hoon as Yoon Se-Joon
  • Web optimization Ji-Hye as Seo Dan
  • Nam Kyung-eup as Yoon Jeung-pyeong
  • Kim Jung-Hyun as Gu Seung-Joon

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Crash Landing on You Season 2: Plot

The plot for season 2 keeps under wraps to avoid any conjectures and rumors. Although the story of Crash Landing on You season two will be similar to season 1, with intense drama. The fans will see the sparkling romance between Yoon Se-Ri and Ri Jeong-Hyeon. Political tensions between North and South Korea will center the show’s limelight beyond the characters’ love.

The series’s significant plot is between their nations’ loyalty and love and among two individuals and their expeditions. The storyline has left a mystery to steer clear of speculations.

We cannot be sure of the storyline but still, there are various possibilities as to what the season 2 Crash Landing on You will carry. The most anticipated is where the lovers will get married and start their family. There might be a reunion where Yoon comes across the soldiers once again!

If a second season of Crash Landing on You were to occur, the narrative’s crux would be the long-distance relationship between Jeong-hyuk and Se-ri. As we would expect, the story ends with the duo reuniting fully and practically able to live together, marry each other, and everything else that comes with being in love.

Crash Landing on You Season 2: Crew and Latest Updates

The incredible South Korean series is based on humor and romantic drama. Variety Magazine acknowledged it as one of the ‘Best International shows on Netflix.’ Studio Dragon is the creator of the series, and the production company is known as Culture Depot and Studio Dragon.

Even though the makers have not yet confirmed any specific release date, the fans believe that makers will not disappoint the hype they have created. The running time for each episode of the series is around 70 minutes. It will premiere worldwide on Netflix and TVN networks in the native Korean language.


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