People have always been amazed by magical and mythical stories. Every person on Earth is born with a natural craving to explore our fantasies and discover what lies beyond our world. 

It is out of this craving that elf characters were made. 

Elves have jumped through our magical stories with their mystical ways since early mythology. 

People consider elves as one of the most well-known characters in the fantasy genre. They’re categorized by their mythical powers and fascinating beauty.

These characters are portrayed in movies and novels as being graceful and tender, yet powerful and quick. 

A couple of elves can also be a little manipulative because of their absolute control over humans and infinite powers. 

One of the greatest things about elf fantasy stories is that the characters typically go by carefully picked and mysterious names. 

How to Pick a Good Elf Last Name?

When searching for an excellent elf name for your child or fantasy character, you need to consider its sound and meaning. 

A couple of names might sound cool. However, they might have bad meanings. In addition to that, you need the meaning of the name to reflect a trait you would want your child or character to have. 

There are tons of options out there. All you need to do is to find one that fits your character or child.

Elf Last Names for Boys

Whether you’re naming a new member of your family or creating a fantasy world, you’ve got to choose the right name. 

When choosing elf last names, you can pick one that simply sounds cool, one that relates to the earth and nature, or one with history. 

Here are a couple of elf last names that you can use for your baby boy or your male character:


Elrohir is one of the uncommon Elvish last names. It’s extremely unique. The meaning of the name is “an elf man”. The other version of Elrohir is Elladan. 


This is a baby boy name from the Elvish fantasy world of Tolkien. Elrand has the strength of a boy packed in the name. It’s a rare and very unique name. 


Elladan comes from the name of Elrond’s son of Middle-Earth. Just like Elrohir, the meaning of the name is “an elf man”.


Earendil is an ideal elf last name for a baby boy. It’s an Elvish name that means “one who is devoted to the sea” or “sea lover”.


Cirdan is another Elvish name. The meaning of the name is “shipwright”. It’s a sweet and adorable elf last name for your baby boy or male fantasy character. 


This is a rare and appealing name that comes from the Sindarin culture. Callon means “a hero”. It’s one of the most elegant elf last names that you can give to your child. 


Oilill is a Hebrew name. It means “my God is the Lord”. In Irish, the name means “elf” or “sprite”.


Alvin is an English name that means “friendly elf”.


Alvaro is a name that comes from Hungary. The meaning of the name is “warrior elf”.


Allow is a Manx name. Unfortunately, it has no meaning. If you want to keep your child or male fantasy character more mysterious, consider giving him this elf last name. 


Algar means “spear of the elf”.


Alfur is an elf’s last name that originated in Iceland. The meaning of the name is “elf”.


Alf is an elf last name that originated in Norse Mythology. The meaning of the name is “elf”. 


This one comes from Germany. It is simply a variation of Alvin. It means “friendly elf”.


This is another elf’s last name that comes from Germany. The meaning of the name is “elf counsel”.


This is a baby name that means elf battle, noble, or ancient. 


The meaning of Aegnor is “fell fire”. It comes from Sindarin culture, which is a fictional language that is based loosely on Welsh. JRR Tolkien made this language. 

Elf Last Names for Girls

You do not have to utilize a name generator to come up with sweet elf last names for your baby girl or female fantasy character. 

Whether you are naming a character or a child, here are a couple of girl elf last names:


This is an extremely rare and beautiful elf last name for a cute girl. It originated from the Sindarin language. The meaning of the name is “the sun” or “sun star”.


This is a rare elf name that has its roots in the Sindarin culture. Calen means “a green elf”.


It’s a unique and beautiful elf name. Aubree comes from French culture. The meaning of the name is “a ruler”.


It’s an uncommon and unique name for a baby girl. Arwen originated from the Sindarin culture. It simply means “a noble maiden”.


It’s an unusual and very unique sounding elf last name. Aredhel originated from the Quenya language. The meaning of the name is “the noblewoman”. You can typically find this name in the list of fantasy elf names. 


Though it might sound common, Anna is another elf’s last name that comes from the Quenya language. It’s a sweet and short name for baby girls.

The meaning of Anna is “being a gift”.


It’s a beautiful elf’s last name that means “maiden garland with great luck”.


This name is an elf last name that originated in England. It’s a rare name that means “counsel”.


It’s another mythical elf name that comes from the language that Tolkien made. It’s a fancy version of Erin. The meaning of the name is “ocean”.


Picking the right name for your child or fantasy character can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, this list will help you take your pick. 

Keep in mind that elf characters are gracious and cute. However, some can be manipulative and conniving. 

Thus, before you pick a name, always learn a thing or two about its meaning.


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