Common Causes Of Hair Fall

Written by: LIFESTYLE

Common Causes Of Hair Fall 

You may suffer from various hair problems, but the most bothersome situation is when your hair starts falling uncontrollably. Hair fall has become one of the most common concerns in both males and females. No matter what age group you belong to, you may fall prey to losing your hair now and then. The problem becomes worse when the external elements such as pollution and harmful chemicals keep triggering your hair to fall. 

According to research, men are more likely to lose their mane than women. However, thinning of hair or hair loss doesn’t spare any gender. It can affect men and women just as much. The problem of hair fall doesn’t have a single reason. Many basic, temporary, or complex factors/reasons can lead to the same. 

It is integral to know the answer to “why is my hair falling out”. Here are some of the most common causes of hair fall in both sexes: 

Hormonal changes: 

Changes in the hormones of the human body are an underlying cause of hair fall, especially in women. Ladies with conditions like PCOD, PCOS, CAH, etc., have higher androgen levels. Higher androgen levels add to the problem of hair loss. Upon suffering from acne, irregular periods, or excess hair growth on your face or body, get yourself tested immediately. Find a solution to these problems along with that of hair fall. 

Hair Fall


You will constantly keep losing your hair if you stress over things too much. Any stressful life event causes a chunk of hair to fall. Stressful life events like being diagnosed with a terminal illness, losing your loved one, quitting your job give you sleepless nights and hair loss. However, this cycle is temporary. You will start noticing positive changes after managing your stress levels. 

Poor diet: 

Whatever you eat has a great impact on your overall health, including your hair. An ill or poor diet is one of the main reasons for hair fall. Nutritional deficiencies such as low levels of iron, zinc, Vitamin D are directly linked to hair loss in men and women. It is, therefore, suggested to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Include more greens and fruits in your diet to keep hair fall at bay. 

Autoimmune disease: 

One of the underlying reasons for hair fall in both men and women is the presence of autoimmune disease in the body. For instance, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease leading to extreme hair fall. Under this health condition, the immune system starts attacking hair follicles, thus causing them to fall out. The situation calls for medical attention. No home remedy comes to your rescue. 


Certain infections tend to affect your scalp, thereby causing your hair to fall out. One of the common reasons for infection is bacteria. Besides this, the overgrowth of yeast or fungi on your scalp, too, invades your hair follicles and leads to persistent hair fall. Infections also lead to other hair problems such as redness, bumps, dandruff, scaling, pus, etc.

Harsh chemicals: 

When you use harsh chemicals on your scalp, it not only affects the quality of your hair but also adds to the problem of hair fall. Harmful chemicals such as ammonia and sulfate are responsible for the thinning of hair in many men and women. The only solution to the problem is to stop using the products that contain these chemicals. 


The above-listed events are the most common causes of hair fall. You can manage your hair fall by following a good diet and using good products. In case your hair falls because of an underlying condition, contact your dermatologist and seek suitable treatment.