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Citrus Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

Anime series have always been popular in Japan. Citrus television series is one such movie that not only gained a huge fan base but remained in limelight even after two years of its release. The series is based on a famous Japanese Yuri manga series. The writer and illustrator of the series is Saburouta.

The first season of the series was telecasted between January and March 2018. It has been a long time ever since we saw the first season. Owing to its popularity, fans are curious to know about the renewal of the season of the show. In the absence of any notification, they seem to be neutral about the situation. Read on to find the release date, cast, plot, crew, and latest updates.

Citrus Season 2: Release Date

As far as season 2 is concerned, there is not any legal notification from the show. Passione, a Japanese animation studio also seems to be silent for two years regarding the release of season 2. Season one of Citrus serialized the first four volumes of the manga series. Now we can expect to see further volumes in case season 2 happens. Although season one wound up with 12 episodes. Freaking fans want to know about the fate of Yuzu and Mei’s love story.

According to the sources, despite a huge fan following, the series managed to get only average ratings. It is assumed that low ratings may be the reason behind the delay in the release of season 2. Unfortunately, fans have to settle with the previously released 12 episodes of the series. As of now, we too are not sure about release dates as there is no information about it.

Citrus Season 2: Cast

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As the series is adapted from the manga series, so the characters of the show are equally likely to be the same. Voiceovers have been done by voice artists who add extra tint to the engaging characters. Here is a list of the main and other characters of Citrus.

Yuzu Aihara– Yuzu is cast as a self-proclaimed girl who finds it difficult to adjust in her all-new conservative girls’ school. Yuzu is an open-minded girl who loves to mingle with boys and prefer shopping over studies. She plays the role of Mei’s step-sister in the series. Famous voice artist Ayana Taketatsu has given voice over to this character.

Mei Aihara- Voiced by Minami Tsuda, Mei Aihara is the President of the Students Council. She is a beautiful but short-tempered girl who is the most honored student in the school. Yuzu hates Mei for her cold and stern nature.

Harumi Taniguchi– Also known as Harumin, she is a good friend of Yuzu in the show. She is a kind, humorous, perceptive, and outgoing girl who has got transferred to the conservative girls’ school. An overall outgoing student has a soft corner for Yuzu as she shares all the ups and downs of Yuzu’s life. Voice artist Yukiyo Fujii has given voiceover to this character.

Himeko Momokino– Himeko belongs to a rich family and possesses a chauffeur. Voiced by Yurika Kubo, Himeko Momokino is a very possessive girl and a friend of Mei. Being the Vice President of the Student Council, she is considered as Mei’s right hand. Himeko gets envious of Mei when Yuzu enters her life.

Kayo Maruta– A close friend of Mitsuko and one of the members of the student council, Kayo Maruta is also a student of girls’ school. Voice artist Ikumi Hayama has given voiceover to this character.

If we talk about the cast of season 2, we can expect to see the same characters or the new characters may appear as written in the next volumes of the manga series. The cast of season 2 is going to be as interesting as season 1. But we must wait for season 2 till any notice.

Citrus Season 2: Plot

Citrus follows a fictional and interesting storyline as illustrated in Saburouta’s yuri manga series. The series focuses on the relationship of two stepsisters Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara. The plot of the show is quite fascinating as it revolves around love, hate, and romantic distractions. Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara, being opposite, become envious and hateful towards each other in the beginning.

Mei is a cold, stern, and respected kind of student of an all-girls school. While Yuzu is an outgoing personality who hates Mei for her cold behavior, Mei remains stern and short-tempered without caring about others’ opinions. Initially, Yuzu and Mei were not aware of their connection. It turns out later in the show that they were stepsisters and were supposed to live together.

Being highly hostile towards Mei, Yuzu struggles to fight with the boredom of living with her enemy. But during the evolution of their relationship, they began to develop romantic feelings towards each other. The situation becomes awkward in the end when Yuzu comes to know about the true feelings of Mei. Season one ended with this awkwardness and fans are curious to know Yuzu’s next action steps.

How will Yuzu handle Mei’s feelings? Will Yuzu adopt this relationship? What would be the fate of the love story of Yuzu and Mei? It is no wonder that the answers to all these questions would form the plot of the second season. But any change can be possible in the future. So, stay hopeful to see more of romantic drama in case Passione decides to launch season 2.

Citrus Season 2: Crew and Other Updates

Citrus season 2 was telecasted first on January 6 2018 and concluded with 12 episodes on March 24 2018. The directors of the show are Takeo Takahashi and Naoyuki Tatsuwa. Hiroshi Kawamura and Takema Okamura are executive producers of the show. Citrus Plus, sequel manga series was serialized in December 2018. It has been two years since the release of the first season in 2018, fans are still waiting for the new updates about the show. But unluckily, there is no clue about the release of season 2 and we can’t get into the guessing games. But we will surely update you with the best possible updates about Citrus.

Last modified: November 19, 2020