The yuletide season is just around the corner. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, this season will always be the most wonderful time of the year. Know that Christmas is about spending quality time with family and friends. But for the most part, it’s about the spirit of sharing and gift-giving.

Of all people, the children are the most excitedabout receiving Christmas gifts during this season. But more than just expecting something from Santa Claus, kids look forward to receiving presents from their loved ones.

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s a good idea to teach children the value of gift-giving. Fret not, as kids can produce handmade products through arts and crafts. From there, they can hand these thoughtful presents to their loved ones. These gifts don’t have to be costly but only creative and heartfelt.

That said, here are Christmas gift ideas for your children:

1. Felt wreaths with small notes attached

It’s easy to see felt wreaths on doors and walls during this Christmas season. It’s nice to see the green leaves embellished with red poinsettias in circulation motion. While you can purchase ready-made products, your kids can make DIY felt wreaths using school supplies. From there, they can attach small notes with heartfelt greetings. Finally, they can hand these over to people instead of the usual greeting cards.

2. Snowflake covered gift bags

It’s common to see paper bags in the kitchen. If you already have a collection of these, hand them over to your children. Let them design these paper bags with snowflakes covered on them. While at it, have your kids put small notes on them with holiday greetings. As a supportive parent, bake some goods or cookies for these gift bags. Your kids can stroll the neighborhood and hand these gift bags to people.

3. DIY Christmas-embellished canisters

Another creative idea is to bring canisters into life. As you can see, canisters can serve a lot of purposes. They are valuable in the kitchen for storing salt, sugar, and flour. They can also keep candies, cookies, and other goods. They can also turn these into home decors for home aesthetics. That said, have your children design these canisters with a Christmas theme. They can give these DIY Christmas-embellished canisters as presents. Learn more DIY decoration at

4. Candy pots with Christmas inspiration

When it comes to coming up with Christmas presents, boosting imagination and creativity is the key. Count on your children, as they can be as creative and thoughtful as possible. Of course, treats for kids can be their perfect gifts. That said, they can produce and design candy pots with Christmas inspiration. Not only do they look good as table decorations, but they can be perfect for Christmas snacking. Ultimately, other children will love to receive these candy pots from your kids.

5. Santa Claus paper plates

Another good idea is to come up with a handful of Santa Claus paper plates. Fret not, as doing these can be as simple as possible. All it takes is to buy some paper plates and provide your kids with some art materials. From there, your children can design Santa Claus figures out of these plates. They can install googly eyes, a pom-pom nose, and a white mustache with a red paper hut on top of the head. Other children will love to use these paper plates for snacking.

6. Christmas-themed scrapbooks

Of course, we can’t proceed with handmade Christmas gifts without mentioning scrapbook. Yes, you can have a scrapbooking subscription box and get raw materials from your supplier. From there, let your children transform these scrapbooks with Christmas-theme designs.  Many people will love to receive these as gifts during this yuletide season.

7. Handmade Christmas cards

Greeting cards are classic Christmas presents. But instead of buying ready-made ones, come up with handmade cards instead. These DIY Christmas cards appear to be more thoughtful and heartfelt. Besides, children will enjoy putting some creativity into these greeting cards. Ultimately, the recipients of these cards will be happy and touched.

At this point, you can now guide your children in coming up with handmade gifts through arts and crafts. Consider some Christmas gift ideas recommended above, from felt wreaths to treat bags to Christmas cards.

Know that these Christmas presents don’t have to be costly. Your kids only need to be thoughtful and creative. Once done with their handmade crafts, they can hand them over to their loved ones. In the end, it’s about the spirit of sharing and gift-giving.


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