Cert 3 Project Management

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Cert 3 Project Management: Is It Right For You?

If you have ever considered short-term training to lead a project, then Cert 3 project management is what you seek. Now, you might be somewhat confused. How so?

Managers are supervisors. In that case, doesn’t that mean you should try Cert IV instead of Cert 3? If you already have the latter, do you still need the former?

More importantly, what can you expect from your project management training?

Let’s get you some answers.

Cert 3 Vs. Cert IV: Are There Any Differences?


The chances are that you already have some on-the-job experience. Perhaps you’ve handled a few projects through their design and implementation phase.

If you want to turn such feats into a full-time career, then a Cert 3 is what you need. The beauty of this certification is that it helps you build on your practical skills.

In particular,  Cert 3 fine-tunes what you already know by going in-depth to teach you job-specific hacks. That way, you will no longer be a surface scratcher but a pro at the beginning of your career journey.

What of Cert IV?

Unlike Cert 3, Certificate IV assumes you’ve gone far in your program management career. As such, it teaches you the complexes of the field you’ve chosen.

Furthermore, Cert IV focuses on expanding your decision-making and analytical skills. In other words, you’re no longer only about budget allocation and role delegation but also keen on maintaining sustainable practices.

Another thing: with Certificate IV, you will learn so well that you can even teach what you know about project management to your underlings.

Now which suits you better? The answer depends on if you’re a beginner or a pro.


Cert IV takes longer to attain than Cert 3. When you consider the contents and the complexes you’d learn, it wouldn’t even come as a surprise.

More so, Cert IV (like a diploma) is the highest level of vocational learning!

Enough justification, let’s talk the length, huh?

Cert IV will take an average of a year to complete. It could be longer or shorter. In the end, the duration depends on your course and how fast you want to earn the certificate.

With Cert 3, you will only set aside 6months. Within that time, you’ll learn the rigors and hacks of project management as a career.

That brings us to the next phase:

What Can You Expect From Cert 3 Project Management?

Course Outline

The aim of project management is how to navigate production through cost, resources, and time.

The specifics include:

Identifying business opportunities,

Establishing a product scope and plan (especially budgeting),

Identifying risks,

Developing risk assessments and management plans,

Project execution, monitoring, and evaluation

In the end, you can rest assured that you will manage successful projects and yield the most effective results from even the smallest resources.

Online Learning

One of the best features of Cert 3 is that you can earn the certificates online. And that is regardless of the career you’re advancing.

Note: you should not think you won’t have real-life tasks to handle because you’re learning online. Course instructors would always hand out series of assignments.

With those assignments, you’ll understand the intricacies of project management – the setup and the monitoring.

Last modified: January 4, 2021