Know about Various Materials and Uses

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Buying a 10×10 canopy? Know about Various Materials and Uses

Canopies are very common and so popular to be used for a wide range of purposes. Owing to its popularity and wider usage, there are plenty of models available in the online and offline market, which you can explore and choose based on your needs.

Usually, canopies are made of two basic materials as PVC/plastic material or fabric. Fabric canopies are lightweight and easy to carry around, whereas the PVC material is much more durable for heavy-duty outdoor installations.

When it comes to the canopy accessories, the frames come in aluminum, steel, fiberglass, plastic, carbon steel, etc. If your canopy is expected to be exposed to water, then using fiberglass or plastic may be ideal. However, if you are looking for a more durable material, it is ideal to choose steel or aluminum.

Some essentials accessories to consider with 10×10 canopy

  • Weight bags – These are needed if you plan to use your canopy in extreme weather conditions. Their job is to weigh down the legs so that canopy stands more stable.
  • Travel bag – This comes along with 10 x 10 canopies most of the time. It will help to carry your canopy easily to placed. Please get a bag with rollers so not have to worry about the weight.
  • Slant-legs –This is a great add-on feature you can look for in a 10×10 canopy, which offers more stability for the unit. These legs are very helpful if you are using canopy beaches or unstable surfaces.

The screened and enclosed canopies also offer shelter from the sun, wind, and insects, etc. You can also add to your canopy’s charm by adding an outdoor fort to the canopy for the little ones to play around with. You may use battery-powered lanterns and layout towels to have a shady spot also when you hang out.

10x10 canopy

Materials to choose

Suppose you plan for a 10×10 canopy for business promo purposes for indoor events or installing one outdoors for other functional purposes. In that case, it is important to know about the materials used to make canopies and the usage of each.

The most ideal and popular material used to make canopies is polyester, which is lightweight and highly weather resistant. The larger your canopy size, the more durable polyester canopies will be.

Typically, small canopies, which are portable, are made of thinner polyester material or the UV-proof polyethylene material fixed on aluminum frames. Thicker polyester fixed on to heavier steel frames is used in larger canopies, which are usually used as permanent fixtures. You may look for a waterproof canopy in terms of heavy weather conditions that will help resist water damages.

There are many usages for 10×10 canopies as there are installed at sporting events. You can use them as kid’s playhouses, easy to be installed at conventions or trade fair locations, etc. As the size is compatible, you can easily install, remove, and carry these over to different places easily. However, when not in use, you need to take good care of these canopies to ensure durability and maintain it well without any damage.

Last modified: February 9, 2021