what are the benefits and how to use it


Boob tape- what are the benefits and how to use it?

If you are a woman who likes to keep with fashion and trends in clothing then you might be aware of ongoing contrast among bras as well other market options like boob tape. Although there are many options such as bra pads, nipples, cups, and tubes sometimes women take a risk and go out without a bra.

It was all fine however when Kim Kardashian told her secret about make use of tape to hold the boobs, the other women also started to follow her.  Kim revealed that using boob tape can be useful in arranging the breast according to the garment styles such as plunge necklines, low cut, and backless.

Therefore, now women out there are looking for the boob tapes and there is a various brand of boob tape that has stormed the market. If you also want to know the benefits of these boob tapes then go ahead and read further.

Benefits of using the boob tape-

Benefits of using the boob tape

1. Accommodating-

Boob tape is designed by professionals and highly accommodating and reliable for any kind of dressing style. One cannot wear bras under every clothes. Bras go well with few casual wear and professional wear but except that they are rarely working under other dresses. Bras restricts your boob and conceals the cleavage. However, boob tape enables you to hold your breast in any position firmly and can be used under any type of dress.

One of the biggest advantages of this tape is it accommodates perfectly on halter neckline, open side garments, strapless necklines, and many more dresses.

2. Comfortable enough-

Unlike some bras which make you feel uncomfortable, boob tape is comfortable. When you use boob tape, your breast won’t be deprived of the bouncing as you take beautiful steps or make a catwalk. You can use the tape depending on how much you want your boob to bounce.

Comfortable enough

Not only that your breast won’t be caved in and there will be no aches when you use this product. As you can tape just the needed sides there is no pain and also there is no pain in the back as there is no headache of clipping as in the case of bras.

And you don’t have to worry about which underwear piece will go with which dress. You can use this tape under any dress. It needs no matching with your panties. Thus these boob tapes are highly comfortable and don’t come you like bras.

3. No worries about the size-

Going to buy a bra is very complicated as one must know their size and cup size. And most of the time if you are too lean or too fat then it become hard to find the bra. Even if you find it, your bra may not look good inside the dress. This is not the case with boob tape. You can simply order the usual boob tape. There are no size or shape requirements for boob tapes like in bras.  You Can rock in any dress without bra and boob tapes will be easy to buy and store in your room.

4. It is hidden-

It’s no doubt, that somehow Camis, bras, and tubes become visible or its part may be exposed in the dress. It can be very annoying when someone stares at you because your bra is visible out of your dress. Straps peeking from the dress and coming to your shoulder also embarrass you in public places.

With boob, tapes say bye to the bra revelation problem. You can use the proper amount of tape and control the parts of the breast. It is not visible or peeks out of your dress. There are no worries here like in the case of bra straps. You just need to use proper taping techniques and show as much cleavage as you want. It will cover your nipples also.

5. Lift the breast-

Boob tapes lift your breasts and keep them firmly in one position. You can lift your cleavage in the way you want. Lifting your boobs using bras and other types of things does not make them look so good and is medically harmful because wearing tight bras can damage your skin.

Lift the breast-

However using boob tape is medically safe and makes curves that look natural, sexy, and beautiful.

Thus, these are the advantages of boob tapes. You can also use them and buy them easily from the online store. Whenever you go out to buy the boob tape there are few things you should consider. Check the features like whether the tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic or not. Make sure it’s not allergic to your skin.

How to use boob tapes?

Here is a step by step instructions on how to use boob tape-

  1. Make sure there is no moisturizer, creams, and oils on your skin
  2. First apply a nipple cover as it gives extra protection to your nipples.
  3. Cut the boob tape in varied length
  4. Start applying the tape from underneath the breast to way up depending on how much life you want to give your boobs.
  5. Now tailor it the way you like and get dressed

Tape removal instructions-

Tape removal instructions

  1. Hold a corner of the tape with one hand and keep other hands on your skin.
  2. Gently pull the tape and in a controlled way to make removal painless
  3. As boob hold offers maximum hold, it can be hard to remove it sometimes. However, applying oil or taking a shower can loosen the tape and make it very easy to remove without pain.

So, did you see how easy it is to use the boob tape? Now, flaunt in any dress without wearing a bra and just using boob tapes. No matter you are going to a party and want to wear backless or going to a nearby mall for shopping with a friend. Go braless without having to feel embarrassed when boob tape is holding your boob safely!

Tell this secret to your friend if she is also facing any issues in wearing her favorite cloth. Buy a bundle boob tape at cheap rate coz it’s very affordable and easily available. Shipping it done fast so you also need not to wait too long!