In this era of political correctness and cancel culture and being as controlling your speech as possible, to not get into trouble because you offended someone, celebrities think twice before they say or do anything.

But, we still have some celebrities who have no filter when it comes to speaking their mind. They have made the no-filter an essential part of their personality and created a different audience for themselves altogether.

One of these celebrities is Bill Burr. William Frederick Burr, better known by his stage name, Bill Burr, is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer who has been in the show business for more than two decades. Born in 1968, he stepped into the show business in 1992 and has done comedy specials, stands up tours all over the world, tv shows, movies, etc.

He has also been a part of a Netflix original series called F is for Family. Bill Burr has a very unique and unfiltered style of delivery. It is especially the topics that he chooses and how he presents them that is often loved by the audience. Let us discuss Bill Burr’s professional and personal life in more detail, and see how much he has managed to collect financially using his talents to make everyone in the room laugh hysterically.

Early Life

Bill Burr was born on June 10, 1968, in Canton, Massachusetts. His mother was a nurse and his father was a dentist. Had four brothers and a sister. He graduated high school in 1987. Bill got a bachelor’s degree in radio in 1993. He started working at a warehouse after he graduated from college. He has often said that he loved the freedom of the job.

It was after the warehouse gig that he started performing at comedy clubs and started taking his career as a comedian seriously. Bill married Nia Hill in 2013 and they had a daughter named Lola in 2017. Bill is also very good at playing the drums and is a big fan of ACDC, Led Zeppelin lin, and rock music in general. He is also a licensed helicopter pilot, which he also discussed briefly in one of his comedy specials.

Bill Burr also talks a lot about his relationship with his father and his childhood which has rendered him unable to accept soft feelings. His on-stage persona is that of a ‘dude’ watching the game at a bar, who gets angry very fast, all stemming from his childhood.

How Much Bill Burr Worth

Comedy Career

Bill Burr moved to New York in 1994 but he had started doing comedy two years before that. He was a staple on The Chappelle’s Show but his recurring appearances on the second season brought him fame. He has hosted a podcast named Monday Morning Podcast since 2007 where he chats with guests, gives his opinion on matters, and talks about experiences of tours and shows.

Bill is still running the podcast with new entries every week. The podcast is available on his website and his network called All Things Comedy. He is also sometimes joined by his wife Nia as a guest on the podcast. He launched another podcast in 2018 with comedian Bert Kreischer named Bill Bert podcast.

Bill Burr has performed in several legendary arenas a d stadiums such as the Madison Square Garden, The Royal Albert Hall, etc. He holds the record of selling out the Wilbur Hall nineteen times in a row.

His first comedy special, which was an hour-long show, was called Why Do I Do This? and it was filmed in New York. It was released in 2008 and was followed by the second one in 2010 called Let It Go. The third one he recorded was a Netflix exclusive and called You People Are All The Same. It was released in 2012.

The next one was shot in black and white, and was called I’m Sorry You Feel That Way. It was pilot out in 2014. In 2015, he lent his voice to Frank Murphy, a character in the show F is for Family. The was a Netflix original and has gone on for four seasons, with the fifth on the way. His fifth comedy special, named Walk Your Way Out, was released on Netflix in 2017.

His sixth one, called Paper Tiger, was released in 2019, also on Netflix. All of these comedy specials feature him in a brutally honest, outspoken manner. He takes the most sensitive of the subjects and says the most honest and controversial things.

In 2020, he hosted Saturday Night Live and spoke on matters such as the pandemic and how white women have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement. And that is all as politically correct as he can get. He has also lent his voice to Grand Theft Auto characters and played a role in The Mandalorian.

Bill Burr Business Endeavours

In 2012, Bill Burr joined hands with Al Aboriginal to launch a network named All Things Comedy Network. His Monday Morning Podcast is broadcasted on this channel and a ton of other interesting content is put on the network.

Other than this, Bill Burr has not shown any interest in business endeavors and has mainly focussed on his career in comedy and has regularly put out comedy specials. He has also said that he is very satisfied with the money that he has earned and tries to focus more on his family and daughter.

Bill Burr Net Worth

Most of Bill Burr’s money comes from the regular comedy specials that he puts out and the tours that he does all around the world. He has also done extensive business with Netflix, with the majority of his comedy specials coming through them and the Netflix series F is for Family, which he has been a part of for five seasons.

Also, he voiced a character in a video game called Grand Theft Auto, which earned him 300,000 dollars. He has an impressive fleet of vehicles including a Bentley which he usually drives everywhere and a Helicopter because he is a licensed pilot. His total income is estimated to be $8 million. It is his comedic talent and unapologetic attitude which has brought him to this milestone.


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