Most homeowners enjoy privacy, which is why so many of them plant trees around their property. Trees can provide shade during the warm months, but they can also prevent your neighbors from peering into your home. Even if you have a great relationship with the people living next door, it’s hard to relax in an environment without privacy. 

If you return home after a tough day at work, you, like many others, might want to unwind in your backyard. However, if the neighbors are able to keep an eye on you from their property, you might find it difficult to tick off from the world. Investing in new structures like walls might have a negative impact on your property’s curb appeal, and it might affect your home’s overall aesthetics, which is why so many people decide to plant trees as an alternative. 

If your neighbor’s property is overlooking your property, there are several tall trees that you can plant that will block their view. Plus, most trees look great, so they might prove to be a beautiful addition

More Privacy From Your Neighbors

Tips for Choosing the Right Trees for your Yard

Before you begin a tree shopping spree, it’s of vital importance that you do a little research first. Knowing where to plant the tree is important because it can provide you with an inviting outdoor living area and privacy.

There are thousands of different types of trees to choose from, but you must invest in trees that will look good, and grow properly on your property. Before spending your hard-earned money on trees, find out this information first:

  • When the tree is fully grown, how tall will it be? 
  • Does it require a lot of maintenance: If you lead a busy life, you might struggle to find the time to take care of your trees. Some trees require regular maintenance, so you should know what you will need to do to keep the tree healthy. You must maintain trees planted on your property to keep them in good condition. Unhealthy trees can cause damage to the structure of your home, and they could cause harm to a person. 

If you want more information about the types of trees you should plant on your property, consider hiring a professional tree surgeon or an arborist for advice. A reputable arborist will examine the soil on your property, and they will take the weather conditions into consideration before advising you on the type of tree you should plant. There are several tree services out there, and they will be able to provide you with helpful tips like the information this site has to offer.

Cryptomeria Japonica Radicans 

These popular trees grow quickly, and they require very little maintenance. They are also known as Japanese Cedar, and they grow approximately three feet per year. They fall into the evergreen conifer category. 

They grow best in moist, well drained soil. If you are planting Japanese Cedar, try to find an area that gets plenty of sunlight, however, they can grow in areas with light shade. 

Flowering Dogwood Tree 

During certain stages of the year, this incredible tree will produce several unique white flowers. However, they will look great on your property throughout the year due to the glossy green leaves. 

Just like the Japanese Cedar trees, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. If you are planting these trees, it’s best to wait until the spring time. During the dry months, you should water the trees on a weekly basis. 

The Leyland Cypress

These are some of the fastest growing trees readily available that can provide screening for your property. You can expect these trees to grow approximately three feet every twelve months. When the tree has matured it can reach around fifty feet in height. It will take nearly fifteen years to fully grow. You don’t have to worry too much about the soil, because it manages to grow in poor conditions. 

To keep the tree looking good, you will want to trim the branches now and again. Pests don’t become an issue with the Leyland Cypress, because it is pest-free. It will grow in direct sunlight, and in shaded areas, making it an ideal tree to plant in urban conditions. 

Thuja Emerald Green

Planting hedges to prevent neighbors from looking into your property is a popular option. However, deciding on the type of hedge to plant can prove overwhelming. One of the best hedges to plant is without shadow of a doubt the Thuja Emerald Green. 

Unlike other hedges, you won’t need to trim it on a regular basis. It is a dense and tight tree, and manages to grow even in poor soil. During the winter time, a lot of hedges tend to start browning, but this isn’t an issue you will have to worry about with the Thuja Emerald Green, which is why it is one of the most popular hedges in America. 


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