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12 Best Safe ROM Download Sites, Download ROMs Safely

The gaming community is expanding at an incredible rate. Hundreds of players join every day to make use of the best and easily accessible content online. Gamers can choose to go on a solo adventure, play with friends, or join random multiplayer games. Playing online games is indeed fun, but it is practically impossible without proper equipment.

ROM is a major requirement when it comes to gaming. It can be extremely frustrating for a gamer when the ROM or emulator is not functioning properly. It takes all the fun out of an otherwise enjoyable experience. When it comes to gaming, you need to check a lot of things before you can start playing your favorite games. And ROM should be a priority.

Of course, there are many ways in which you can get easy access to ROM. Many websites make it easy for you to download ROM. But it is best not to engage with any unknown source. Why? There is a significant chance that you might download some viruses from unsafe websites. And you don’t want that do you?

How to download ROM safely from the Internet?

If you go online, you will come across many websites that allow you to download ROM. But don’t be fooled, many of these websites are not safe. These days, downloading things from the internet is extremely easy. But that does not mean that it is less risky. Risk is still high, which many of us, choose to overlook.

If you download ROM from an unsafe website, you can easily introduce a virus into your system. This can cause serious damage to your system or even steal your data. You don’t want that, do you?

The first thing you must know is that research is the priority. Do proper research before you decide to download ROM. Make sure that you check the authenticity of your website. With an authentic website, there are fewer chances of any mishap.

Here are some additional points you must follow:

  • Do not download ROM from any website that urges you to download any kind of software. It can be highly dangerous. These websites are simple ways to get access to your computer and software. Once inside, the website can cause bigger damage than you can imagine.
  • Know that the ROM that you will download will be in a compressed form. It comes as a .zip file.
  • Avoid files which come in .exe format. It can be harmful software that could damage your system.

Here are some trusted websites from which you can download ROM and start your ultimate gaming experience.

13 Best websites for ROM Download

Gamulator is extremely popular in the gaming community. It is one of the best websites if you wish to download ROM. It is a vast website and you can get access to ROM for more than 20 gaming consoles. Gamulator also has ROM for many games.


Besides providing ROM for games, it also directs users to trusted websites from which they can down the game safely. Gamulator is more than just a ROM download website. It is full of appropriate information that will ultimately help the gamer in you.

CDRomance is the best place to download ROM for gaming consoles like GBA, GBC, GB, etc. The website is full of ROMs for different games.


You will also come across, game-related fan art and other artworks, game screenshots, and much more. You will also get access to mods, hacks, and pods. Isn’t that exciting?

Just like Gamulator, DopeRoms is extremely popular. It is one of the best places to find classic Roms and reliable gaming software. On this website, you will have access to more than 150,000 ROMs and 100 consoles.


And if you want something more than just the ROM, you are in for a ride. It is full of gaming information like cheats and hacks which can be used to get past any part of the game.

EdgeEmu is known for having games for consoles for SEGA, GBA, GBC, GB, and MAME. The website is loaded with 57,000 ROMs and more than 20 consoles.


The best thing about EdgeEmu is that it has an extremely interactive website. With a transparent interface and minimal pop-up ads, this place is likely to attract more customers.

This place is not as popular as expected, but it has a great collection of ROMs. They offer limited games, but the ROM collection is what makes this website shine. But continuous ads can be a little irritating.


It also offers access to emulators like PSP emulator for windows and JPCSP emulator for Mac.

NICOBLOG offers ROM for consoles like Atari, GBA, N64, and Sega. The strange thing about this website is that it does not have its content. It directs the users to trusted websites from which they can download ROM for their games.


In addition to awesome content, this website also helps amateur gamers to download and run their favorite games. Just watch their well-instructed videos and you are all set.

Vimm’s Lair has the most extensive collection of ROMs.

Vimm’s Lair

In addition to that, this website takes safety and security extremely seriously. So don’t worry and simply download ROM for your device.

The Eye is a small website that directs its users to trusted websites for ROM download. Just like NICOBLOG, this website does not possess any original content. But you can easily find ROMs from the directed websites.


The great thing about The Eye is that you get ROMs for more than 60 gaming consoles.

Romulation is known for having ROMs for classic gaming consoles.


You can get access to some classic games dating back to 2004 on this website. Isn’t that fun?

By far, Romsmode is one of the newest websites when it comes to ROM.


This has an extensive collection of ROMs- from the latest to classic games. This website has enough information on emulators as well.

Emulator games have a huge collection of free ROMs that are made available to users.

Emulator Games

The database is huge which allows users to browse and find the ROMs for their favorite games.

If you want to play old games, you must visit MyAbandonware.


It has a huge collection of ROMs for games like Turbo OutRun, Artic Banner, and Nemesis.

Last modified: October 23, 2020