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Best Business Internet Providers

The technical jargon surrounding the internet is too much to handle for some people. Yet signing up for a residential internet service is a lot easier today than it seems. You can place the order online and the providers have different plans along with all the necessary information to help you decide the right package for your household. After all, residential internet connection mostly involves downloading, streaming, online games, and basic browsing.

However, when it comes to a business internet connection, there are a lot of things to look forward to. You have to go over the technicalities and make sure you have just the right amount of bandwidth for your business.

This is a tricky game and you might have to research a lot of things. Business internet needs to perform several functions. It should have a static IP. It should support cloud computing and most importantly, it should function just fine for all the employees working together virtually.

To help you choose the best business internet provider, we came up with a list of top business internet providers. Before that, here are the things to look for in a business internet:

Download Speed

Download speed refers to the amount of data that can be downloaded at a given point in time. It dictates the efficiency of your work. If your download speed is low, it will take time to download files, emails, and data from the internet. This hinders the overall productivity. Every provider offers a different download speed and it all depends on the usage.

Download Speed

Download Speed Number of users Activities you can perform
25 Mbps 3 Routine downloading and basic communication through emails and other chat-based platforms.


75 Mbps 5 to 10 File sharing
150 Mbps Up to 15 Video conferencing and cloud computing
200 Mbps Up to 20 Server hosting
500 Mbps Up to 30 Cloud-based computing
1000 Mbps 40+ Blazing-fast operating speed

Upload Speed

Upload speed refers to the amount of data you can transfer at a point in time. A higher upload speed is not needed for residential use as most of the activities require download. However, a higher upload speed is crucial for the business internet. Files are being shared 24/7 and you can build on that.

IP address

There is contention among many factions whether to have a static IP address for your business or not. However, we recommend getting one. It ensures the overall data exchange. You can connect multiple devices at a time and share large files over your server. Secondly, dynamic IPs are suitable for residential use.

They keep on changing and do not affect the routine activities. However, it is not suitable for business. The server requires more work to refresh them over and over again with a dynamic IP. Conversely, the static IPs are relatively stable and there are few chances of downtime. Lastly, static IPs are ideal for businesses today in a pandemic. You can have remote access to your system without being physically present in the office.

Here are some top business providers:

Spectrum Business Internet

Spectrum is a household name in the United States with services spanning across 41 states. Spectrum has a special service for business customers relying solely on their internet connection. You get high-speed internet that is both reliable and fast. It is meant to increase your overall performance and productivity. Most importantly, the first month is free with the installation once you sign up for the first time.

Most importantly, Spectrum ensures the safety and security of your network. Every day, your business faces countless security threats and hackers are always looking out for ways to breach your security. In times like these, free security suite is ideal for all businesses no matter how big or small.


If you are running a large company, AT&T might be the best choice for you. AT&T is one of the few providers in the US with fiber connectivity. You can get download speeds up to 10 Gbps for your business. This comes with unlimited cloud storage. Along with fiber, AT&T also offers DSL plans. These packages are ideal for small businesses.

You get everything included in the plan and most importantly everything fits your budget. You have the option to upgrade your plan if your work involves a lot of downloads, conference calls, or web hosting. AT&T offers wireless connectivity solutions as well. If your business involves a lot of travel, it is perfect for you.

Most importantly, AT&T offers a wide range of other services as well. No matter how big or small your business is, you can bundle these services to save up on your monthly bill.


Comcast is another provider with high-speed internet for small and medium-sized businesses. The provider has a network of fiber that is both fast and reliable. The download speeds are enough to support your shenanigans. Reliable fiber makes it possible for multiple people to download, upload, stream, or video conference simultaneously.

Comcast also offers starter plans for small businesses. These plans are under $70. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if the service does not meet your expectations. There are premium plans available as well. You can get speeds up to 600 Mbps at an affordable cost.

Google Fiber

Now you can even get Google fiber for your business and there are many good things about it. First and foremost, you don’t have to get in a contract. On top, you get a free Wi-Fi router upon subscription. In contrast to other business internet plans, Google Fiber is a bit cheaper. However, the only problem with Google Fiber is its availability.

It is relatively a new service. Therefore, it is not readily available. Secondly, fiber installation and set-up incur a huge infrastructure cost. If Google Fiber is available in your area, you should get it.

Final Verdict

No matter which provider you sign-up for, make sure you go through all the features. Talk to an expert and make sure your plan is sufficient to meet your business connectivity requirements.

Last modified: January 14, 2021