If you have a keen interest in watching historical TV drama series, then you must have watched the first season of Barkskins on Nat Geo. The show is an adaptation of Annie Proulx’s authored novel with the same name. It dates back to the era of New France, showing the emergence of English and French colonists.

Barkshins is more of a tale series of two immigrants who are forced to live a bondage life in a place that is not known to them. The premiere of this television series first came in 202o during May. The show made a successful beginning gaining positive reviews from fans. Not only this, but Barkshins also excelled in impressing the critics. 

The season of Barkskins proved to be a surprise hit, such that now fans are eagerly expecting the release of the second season of this period drama. So let us check out when it is going to hit the screen in this article. Besides this, we will be giving you some brief information about the main star cast of Barkshins. So let’s get started then:

Show Details 

TV Series: Barkshins
Genre: Period drama
Based on: Barkshins novel by Annie Proulx
Created by: Elwood Reid
Place Of Origin: United States – Canada
Star cast: Aneurin Barnard, Christian Cooke, Lily Sullivan, Leni Parker and more
Original language: English, Wyandot and Mohawk
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 8

Barkshins season 2 Release Date

Story plot

The story of Barkskins revolves around the emergence of French and English colonists to the unknown land. The story picks the base from two immigrants, Rene Sel and Charles Duquet, leading a bondage life by working as wood-cutters. The first season of Barkshins ended with much suspense. One such is Wobik getting attacked by Iroquois, leaving viewers to keep guessing as to who is going to live.

And it is genuine to keep guessing, as we saw most of the protagonists being gathered during the time of violent bloodbath. Well, it is hard to guess if Hamish has survived or Trepagny is no more. Did Renardette save Hamish’s life from getting killed? One of the concluding parts of Barkskin’s first season showed the attack and killing of Ratahesenthsos after getting stabbed in his neck. 

Whereas Hamish who too gets injured severely, and still looks on, we cannot surely say if he had survived. Yvon is still living in Wobik, and Charles, we all know, is living and has left Quebec City. Other characters, Melissande, also manage to flee, but Mathilde seeks to hide. Barkskins has left many unanswered questions in its first season, so we are expecting the closure in season 2. 

Briefing about the star cast

Christian Cooke

Christian Cooke plays the lead character of Rene Sel as a woodcutter in the English-French period drama Barkskins. The English actor was born in 1987 on September 15. Other than Barkskins, Christian has made appearances in other television shows including Wilmot, Barking!Inspector George Gently, Moving Wallpaper, Moving Wallpaper: The Mole, Witches of East End, Where the Heart Is, Robin Hood, Doctors, The Royal, and more. Besides the small screen, Christian has also worked in films like Wish, Hello Carter, Drunk Wedding, Love Rosie, Romeo & Juliet, Magic City, A Rose In Winter, Fare, and more. 

James Bloor

James Bloor is also an English actor born in 1992 on 2nd May. He is the other protagonist character in Barkskins. James plays the role of Charles Duquet who is a thief. Coming on to his entertainment career, he has appeared in 2 other television series – DCI Banks and Less than Zero. James has also been active in films including The Total Princess, Go North, The Coldest Game, Leatherface, The Pagan King, and Shoplifters of the World.

Aneurin Barnard

Aneurin Barnard plays the role of Hamish Goames in Barkskins. The Welsh actor was born in 1987 on May 8. He has appeared in many films including A Night on the Tiles, Elsewhere, Citadel, The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, Dead In A Week (or your money back), The Goldfinch, Hunky Dory, In Deep, and others. 

He has also worked in other television series like Jacob’s Ladder, We’ll Take Manhattan, The Scandalous Lady W, Agatha Christie’s Marple, Killing Jesus, Midsomer Murders, War & Peace, Doctors, The White Queen, and the latest in 2021, The Pact, and Time.

Tallulah Haddon

Tallulah Haddon essays the character of Melissande in Barkskins. She holds the multi-fold talent of an actress, a model, plus drag and performing artist. Tallulah was born in 1997 on September 9. She has acted in films including Spaceship, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Starboy, Marina and Adrienne, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and the latest ones in 2021 The Last Duel and NAILS. The Loneliest Boy in the World will be her latest film in 2022. It is currently under the post-production process. 

The British actress has also appeared in 3 television series other than Barkskins. These are The Living and the Dead, Taboo, and Kiss Me First. Tallulah has also been part of theatre acts including Antigone in 2012, The Love of the Nightingale and Trojan Women in 2013, and The Cherry Orchard in 2014. 

Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia Gay Harden plays Mathilde Geffard in Barkskins. She is an actress from America born in 1959 on 14th August. Marcia holds a long list of films for her acting kitty. Some of the few to name include Miller’s Crossing, Safe Passage, The First Wives Club, Used People, Flubber, The Daytrippers, Meet Joe Black, Mystic River, The Hoax, The Mist, Elsa & Fred, Fifty Shades Darker, and Moxie.

Besides films, Marcia has also made appearances in many television shows including CBS Summer Playhouse, In Broad Daylight, Fallen Angels, Spenser: Small Vices, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, Sex, and Lies in Sin City, Tron: Uprising, BoJack Horseman (voice role), and the latest one Barkskins.

When to expect the second season of Barkskins?

The premiere of Barkskin’s first season came two years ago on 25th May. It aired on the National Geographic channel. It ended its last 8th episode in the same year (2020) on 15th June. The show left with much unknown suspense. Barkskins is greatly liked by viewers who are now craving another season. Well, the second season was supposed to come last year (2021), but till now no official confirmation has come yet for its release. The global pandemic can be one big reason for the delay.


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