Every inviting thing has two sides to it. With this evolving technology, people can talk with each other through video calls sitting in two opposite corners of the world.

People shop sitting at home as well as enjoy watching streaming of their favorite shows or movies at their convenience. Life has become comfortable and easy-going.

But there also exists a dark side to this. Have you ever realized that all your private data is vulnerable to hackers? Do you know that your confidentiality is at stake? Yes, we all are at risk until we acquire a concrete antivirus program.

Avast and Malwarebytes are such antivirus programs that protect your system from viruses, Ransomware, Trojan, Worms, Exploits, etc. A quick comparison between Avast and Malwarebytes:

About: Avast & Malwarebytes

Avast rules the cybersecurity world. It prevents the system from 1.5 million attacks each month by using its machine learning and AI that can detect and eliminate any malware.


As Avast has been leading the network security world, it possesses in-depth intelligence about the viruses and attacks happening in real-time. This erudition helps it in dealing with any exploit efficiently.

Malwarebytes has an unparalleled working structure. It emphasizes coming up with ingenious ways of identifying and eliminating the threats. It possesses a unique module named zero-days protection that is not present in any other security software.


With this, they point out the cyberattacks that are yet to be detected. Under their anti-exploit feature, the fingerprinting detection method gets used for preventing attacks.

Features: Avast & Malwarebytes


The company provides Avast Free Antivirus for free that had limited useful features such as protecting the system from vulnerabilities and managing passwords. However, its paid version Avast Internet Security comprises of all the significant enhanced utilities such as:

  • It keeps the email inbox clean and discards all harmful emails by its email filter feature.
  • Includes a two-way firewall for providing real-time protection to the system.
  • With the Real Site feature, users get averted from visiting any fraudulent website, and the system is made secure from DNS hijacking.
  • The system can open any files and run the app securely as the Sandbox Mode protects the system from being vulnerable.
  • Avast offers an advanced security package named Avast Premier that encompasses the functionality of data shredder and anti-spying tool. A higher grader package Avast Ultimate is also provided by the company that another-level features such as a VPN tool allowing anonymous surfing, advanced password manager, and cleanup.

Avast & Malwarebytes


  • Users get an antivirus tool named Malwarebytes Free. The free tool is very efficient in protecting the system against the virus. However, it fails to cater to the need for real-time security. The free version of Malwarebytes is devoid of many improved security features and lacks a firewall. However, the paid version comprises of all the significant features such as:
  • Safeguards the web browser against attacks, thus, makes the surfing process safe.
  • Firewall for protection against spyware, ransomware attacks, and malware.
  • Users can schedule some specific scans for detecting virus and immediately destroying them.
  • User does not need to worry about updates as it is self-updating for protecting the system against any threat.
  • The security package named Malwarebytes Premium for Home is for those wanting protection for many computers like in offices. They provide ten universal licenses in which the list of the feature remains the same.

Protection from Malware

Protection from Malware

  • Avast stands out with full marks in the test performed by AV-TEST Institute. The test conducted was for checking on its performance against viruses, worms, Trojan horses. Avast is actively monitoring the system. It effectively detects the viruses and eliminates it before damage happens.
  • The drawback of Malwarebytes is that it offers real-time security in the paid version. Malwarebytes does a very satisfactory job by keeping itself updated on the latest threats and tries detecting and nullifying them.


While selecting an antivirus tool, the user must focus on the performance feature as it tends to impact the overall performance of the system. There are security packages available that provide security but at the cost of the system getting slowdown.

  • Malwarebytes wins this area as it has no impact on the system. They possess a dynamic scanning system that checks for only the latest and active exploits. A little effect might appear while applications are being launched or installed.
  • Avast impacts the performance of the system while scanning for all the threats. Also, the internet slows down a bit. Hence it takes a little time to open websites. However, one can avoid performance issues arising due to scanning. They can schedule the scanning process at a time when the system is free.


The prime function of any antivirus program is providing security to the system against any infections or ransomware. The other important thing to consider while opting for a package among many is how easily the system would adapt it and how easy it would be for the users. It should not have a bungling and poor interface.

  • Avast comes with a user-friendly control panel that consists of all the options a user would want to explore. All the buttons present in the control panel are large and labeled appropriately. A sidebar consists of all the particular tasks. The interface is pretty simple. The drawback with its free version is the recurring ads popping up for updating to the paid version.
  • Malwarebytes comes up with an intuitive dashboard consisting of icons and horizontal bars. The functions are kept categorically around the dashboard that makes it very easy for the user to find anything. The entire interface is easy to use and understand.


After checking on the features, the user always looks into the price before making a final call. The antivirus security package that the user is paying for must be worth the money. A price listing of various packages provided below will help in choosing the one.

Avast   Malwarebytes
Package Price   Package Price

Avast Internet Security

$47.99/year (1 Device)

$59.99/year (Mac)


Malwarebytes Premium

$39.99/year (1 Device)

$39.00/year (Mac)


Avast Premium Security

$69.99/year (1 Device)

$89.99/year (Multi-Device)


Malware Premium For Home

$59.99/year (10 Devices)
Avast Ultimate $99.99/year


Both Malwarebytes and Avast strive to provide a high level of security. However, the discrepancies between them should be studied and examined well before finalizing on one.

If you want to try out the antivirus package without spending anything, you may use Malwarebytes Free for scanning as and when required. On the other hand, you may use Avast free for protection against viruses. Having two free security solutions running together won’t be an issue due to their active versus on-demand working nature.

For those looking for an efficient security solution with all the advanced features, they may choose the paid version. Malwarebytes is ideal for those focusing on the price and wants their system to perform smoothly with no slowdown.

Opposite to this, those looking for a comprehensive feature solution along with excellent detection and defense mechanism against the threats and don’t mind the system being a bit slow should go for Avast.


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