If you love watching celebrity life, then you know that social media is the best place to do it. But it’s not just actors and singers who are popular on Instagram and other websites. Animals can also have a smaller audience of subscribers. As a rule, a pet becomes famous for its coca or touching story or cute appearance. Here are the most famous animal bloggers who conquered the world.

Coby the Cat

Initially, this fluffy cat’s owner created an account to share interesting moments from her pet’s life with friends. But gradually, more and more people showed interest in the cat. In less than six months, the audience has reached a million people. From that moment on, the cat became a real celebrity. The owner of the pet signed several advertising contracts. Now Coby began to make money for the family.

Esther, the Wonder Pig

Esther’s story is very entertaining. Initially, the owners wanted to buy a Vietnamese pig because they needed a small animal. But the seller deceived them. The pig has grown to normal size. The owners of Esther found this story so funny that they created an account on the social network. The pig quickly gained an audience of subscribers who became interested in watching the life of the animal. The pig owners were even able to buy the farm with donations so that other animals could also feel comfortable.



This is a small chihuahua that has become famous for its physical condition. The puppy was born without front legs, but that did not stop him from becoming an Internet star. The owners made special wheels for him that help the pet while walking. This is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. If you read the GNC dog vitamins reviews, you might have noticed that this chihuahua is often the face of brands.

Loki the Wolfdog

This dog has long been known on Instagram as one of the most photogenic pets. The owner Loki even signed many contracts with well-known companies around the world. It’s all the fault of the unusually beautiful white-gray color of the animal. If you find this account on social networks, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful photos. The owner often publishes a video, which is especially interesting because the dog howls funny while playing music.

Harlow and Sage

These cute dogs not only delight millions of subscribers with new content but also help their owners raise money for animal shelters. Animal owners often take staged photos and even publish real-life pictures. This is especially interesting for those who prefer dachshunds. Lovely pets play with each other, sleep, and amuse a multi-million dollar audience. If you haven’t seen this account yet, it’s time to watch pictures and videos.

Marnie the Dog

This cute Shih Tzu is the favorite of millions of social media followers. The popularity of the pet brought its head tilt. The fact is that Marnie has congenital problems with the cervical region of the head, which is why the dog poses so strangely in all the photos. But this disadvantage became an advantage because the owners of the dog made it popular. Another aspect is that the pet is over 17 years old. Now, this Shih Tzu blogger is motivating people all over the world to adopt old dogs and cats.


This dog has become famous on the internet due to its distinct overbite. Small body size has also become one of the factors of popularity. Now the Instagram account of this cute creature has over two million subscribers. Even some celebrities have smaller audiences. Tuna barks very funny and is a cheerful dog.

This became the main guarantee of the success of this animal blogger. Many fans of the dog send many gifts and various goodies to its owners. This is the reason for many posting photos and videos on Instagram. If you have been looking for an interesting animal on the Internet for a long time, this is one of the best options.

White Coffee Cat

This cat has become popular due to its rare color. This cat is often featured in commercials and TV shows. The animal has gained immense popularity and support for its fight against cancer. The owner of the cat publishes photos every day and talks about how the treatment is going.

At the moment, it is one of the most popular cats on social networks. If you like watching white creatures, then you should visit one of the pages of this pet. You are guaranteed to get a positive charge, and you can enjoy his cute look from every photo.

Manny the Frenchie

If you adore French Bulldogs, then this is the best celebrity you should follow. The fact is that this is one of the most popular dogs on the Internet. Manny has appeared in advertisements for many brands and brings in a good income for its owner. It is also a very cute dog that pleases millions of subscribers with its immediate zeal for games and frequent sleepiness.

You can find many funny videos on the Internet of this French bulldog falling asleep right during an interview or any TV program. This brought him even more popularity. This is a great Instagram star you should follow.

Maru Taro

If you know the story of Hachiko, then you will surely like the look of this dog. Hachiko is a very popular dog owned by a married couple from Japan. This dog has millions of followers on Instagram and other social networks. You may have seen this dog in many advertising campaigns from famous brands.

It is also a very cute dog that is interesting to watch on the Internet. You can find a lot of funny videos and photos on the official pages of its owners. This is a great option for those who lack a little positivity every day.

Waffles the Cat

This cat received such an unusual nickname because it has a perfectly round face and large eyes. His cute ears are folded, which adds even more and touching to him. This cat is one of the most famous and influential animal bloggers. The fact is that the Waffles have acted in advertisements for many well-known brands.

This cat was in the Forbes list in 2017, which is another interesting achievement. You can follow this animal on Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. The cat owners regularly publish various funny videos and photos so that you will find interesting content.

Juniper Foxx

As you might reasonably have noticed, most of the animal bloggers on this list are cats or dogs. But Juniper is an exception. This is a domestic fox that lives with its owner on the farm. Besides, there is one more fox and a dog that often appears in Juniper’s Instagram stories. This is a very popular Alice who is known for her passion for various moving objects. If you like to watch how funny foxes make sounds, this is the best option for you. This pet blogger is very popular and brings good income to its owner.

Swaggy Wolfdog

Swaggy is a Tik Tok celebrity who pleases fans with beautiful clothes and funny habits. This is one of the first dogs to appear on this social network. If you haven’t seen any short videos of this yet, you should correct this omission. The fact is that this is a very cheerful and cheerful dog who gives millions of subscribers a huge amount of positive content. Just a few minutes of video views, and you will have a positive attitude for the whole day.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

The owners of this dachshund are very creative people. They record many interesting videos and plot clips where Crusoe acts as an enviable Bachelor, Terminator, and other interesting characters. If you have been looking for Funny content with animals for a long time, then this is exactly the case when you should subscribe to a new Instagram account. The owners of the dachshund publish many photos every day and also themed videos every week. That is why you should visit this pet’s social page from time to time to see the update.

Venus the Two Face Cat

Venus is a very popular cat on the internet with millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook. One of the most striking features of this animal is the double face color. Part of it is red, and the other is black. This feature has made the cat very popular on the Internet. The cat owners have not worked for a long time and are engaged in social networks promoting their pet. This cat is the ambassador of the cat food brand.

Better Than Human Bloggers

All these animal bloggers are very interesting because they all behave themselves. Willing dog owners create unique content that allows people to enjoy the reactions of animals to different situations. This is a great way to pass the time and get a positive boost of emotions if you feel sad.


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