Home to over two hundred and ninety-six thousand people, Greensboro is among the most crowded North Carolina cities. Invariably, traffic-related accidents are more serious here, mainly because of the sheer number of pedestrians and vehicles commuting everyday on the roads.

However, a Greensboro personal injury attorney can help residents seek compensation for more than just road accidents. These are professionals who deal with personal injury claims every day, ensuring victims receive a fair amount of compensation. Personal injury attorneys help the locals file wrongful death claims, workers’ compensation cases, medical negligence lawsuits, and other cases where they have incurred injuries.

What are the most typical personal injury claims in the city?

Besides motor vehicle accidents, the most severe injuries that residents of Guilford County sustain each year result from accidental poisoning, slips and falls. For instance, in 2018 unintentional poisonings in the region accounted for 21.2%, while accidental falls accounted for 15.7% of all injury-related deaths.

Quite obviously, there are several other ways one can be injured due to someone else’s reckless behavior. workplace-related injuries in Greensboro are widespread. Overexertion, falls, electrocution, violence, mental injuries, chemical exposure, and being struck by an object are all common causes of such injuries. In these circumstances, an attorney can help residents of the city file a claim for workers’ compensation.

When to seek a lawyer?

Regardless of the type and cause of injury, hiring a Greensboro personal injury attorney as soon as possible is probably for the best. That is because the onus of proof lies with the injured party. They have to prove that they suffered the injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Furthermore, what happens if the negligent party accuses you of being partly at fault? In that case it is crucial to hire an attorney immediately, as the doctrine of contributory negligence in North Carolina could bar you from seeking any compensation at all. So, instead of you having to explain your case yourself and leave gaps in your testimony, a professional attorney can do it in a concise and foolproof manner.

Also, the best thing about hiring an attorney for your injury case in Greensboro is that you do not have to pay lawyer fees until the case is settled in your favor. Typically, an injury claims lawyer will charge about a third of the total compensation amount – a fair price for their professional efforts.

The statute of limitation in North Carolina

You have at least three years from the date of the injury to file a compensation claim in North Carolina. So, suppose you were injured on the 1st of January 2021, you have until the 1st of January 2024 to file a claim.

But there are some exceptions to the statute of limitations, depending on the circumstances. If someone dies due to a severe injury, their loved ones have two years, and not three, to file a compensation claim. Moreover, victims of workplace injuries may have a different timeline within which they have to file a claim, depending on specific injuries.

That being said, it is perhaps best to file the case as soon as possible while the evidence is fresh and witnesses cooperate. And to save yourself from the hassles of law procedures, it is much easier to seek the services of a Greensboro lawyer who is well-versed in injury claims.

Car accidents in Greensboro

Over eighty percent of people drive cars to and from work in Greensboro every day. With such a vast number of vehicles out on the roads besides pedestrians and cyclists, it is natural for traffic accidents to occur.

The primary reasons for motor vehicle accidents in the city include drunk and distracted driving, aggressive driving, tailgating, speeding, and unsafe lane changes. A local personal injury attorney can help residents who fall victim to accidents for any of the above reasons and more.


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