At CÉ LA VI Restaurant Singapore, they have put together a team of local and international talent, to create an experience that is both memorable and exciting. Offering a modern European-Asian dining experience with dishes that represent the best of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Reasons why you should visit CÉ LA VI Singapore

They offer an innovative modern European-Asian fusion cuisine that is true to its heritage while maintaining a truly international outlook see chefs have been honed and re-tooled to produce Asian-inspired delicacies that are light and balanced in flavor, but with a hint of tang from the exotic spices used. They offer you a modern European dining experience that is flattering to your palate. Their set menu will give you an ample taste of their cuisine and the CÉ LA VI experience is one that you will want to repeat again and again.

The Restaurant is designed by Elenberg Fraser, a Singapore-based architecture practice that has created several landmark buildings in Singapore. The design was inspired by the central atrium of the famous architect Santiago Calatrava’s Museum of Tomorrow in Valencia, Spain. The central focus is a large round bar and a tall archway that extends all the way to the sky. This creates high ceilings and an expansive space which allows for high volumes of seating, while still giving guests a sense of privacy. A wood-paneled dome with LED tracks provides beautiful lighting effects. The overall design is modern, with a hint of industrial chic, and an array of textures and materials that bring the environment to life.

Aside from their exciting menu featuring the best of European, French and Asian cooking styles, CÉ LA VI Singapore also features a selection of wines from around the world. The wine list features over 100 labels from wineries all around the world including South Africa, France and New Zealand.

A unique dining experience, offering an array of traditional European cuisine, as well as modern Asian offerings. The space is reminiscent of an atrium in a building with high ceilings and expansive seating. A range of wines from around the world. A selection of wines from France, New Zealand and South Africa. The restaurant has an extensive wine collection, with a list of over 100 brands from winemakers all over the world. A newly created bar that serves up an array of cocktails and spirits. The bar was designed by renowned Singapore based architect Elenberg Fraser. There is also a selection of signature cocktails which are created by their team of mixologists, or guests can create their own cocktail using their interactive iPad Bar.

Another special feature is their open kitchen that allows diners to watch the chefs cooking. This allows you to experience all the culinary magic that takes place when Chef Willin Low and his team prepare the dishes.


CÉ LA VI Singapore is a restaurant that is a gem hidden in the city of Singapore. It is an exciting restaurant with a great ambience, offering traditional European dishes with a hint of Asian flavor. Their innovative menu and unique dining experience will give guests a memorable experience during their visit.


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